God Loves Us

Hello, my name is Neal. I live in Smithfield, NC. I’m the author of this website. After leaving “institutionalized church” in 2008 and learning to study the bible for myself, I discovered that it’s God’s desire for us to be transformed into the image of his son, Jesus Christ (Romans 8:29, Titus 2:11-14).

If it’s your desire to please God by becoming like his holy son, and you don’t have a fellowship, then fellowship with us may interest you. If you have a fellowship already, or just browsing this website, you can start with my blog.

If you haven’t heard the most important message of all time (the gospel), please read below.

The Good News

God’s desire is that we have a loving relationship with him for all eternity in his kingdom with perfect harmony, joy and peace. But there is a barrier that prevents that relationship from happening, this is called sin.

Sin includes our actions and lifestyles we know are wrong and anything else God reveals to us. Sin is also any perversions and inordinate desires in our souls just waiting to be expressed.

Sin is so offensive to God that he reserved the places called hell and the lake of fire for those who have any trace of sin within them. Unfortunately, we all have sin, so all of humanity is damned to spend eternity in torment if something isn’t done. God knew this, and because of his great love for us, he had his son die as a sacrifice for our sins. His son Jesus took the punishment we deserved, and as he was tortured and hung on the cross, his blood was shed for us.

If we believe all of this, if we acknowledge our sins and agree with God that they offend him, and if we turn away from them, the blood of Jesus Christ will wash away those sins and we will be forgiven. The blood of Jesus is the soul of Jesus which can also cleanse our very souls and shape them into his image.

The blood of Jesus reconciles us to God through Jesus Christ and we can now build a relationship with God. Through obedience and faith, this time allotted on this earth is to allow God’s Holy Spirit to help us get cleansed from sin, and as we do that, we are to tell others of this great message of salvation and how God wants to conform them to his image.

This is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

If you’ve heard this for the first time and believed it, let me know.