God Loves Us

Hello, my name is Nealreal. I’m the au­thor of this web­site. After leav­ing “in­sti­tu­tion­al­ized church” in 2008 and learn­ing to study the bible for my­self, I dis­covered that it’s God’s de­sire for us to be trans­formed in­to the im­age of his son, Je­sus Christ (Ro­mans 8:29, Tit­us 2:11-14). If it’s your de­sire to please God by be­com­ing like his holy son, start by brows­ing this blog.

If you haven’t heard the most im­port­ant mes­sage of all time (the gos­pel), please read be­low:

The Good News

God’s de­sire is that we have a lov­ing re­la­tion­ship with him for all etern­ity in his king­dom with per­fect har­mony, joy and peace. But there is a bar­ri­er that pre­vents that re­la­tion­ship from hap­pen­ing, this is called sin.

Sin in­cludes our ac­tions and life­styles we know are wrong and any­thing else God re­veals to us. Sin is also any per­ver­sions and in­or­din­ate de­sires in our souls just wait­ing to be ex­pressed.

Sin is so of­fens­ive to God that he re­served the places called hell and the lake of fire for those who have any trace of sin with­in them. Un­for­tu­nately, we all have sin, so all of hu­man­ity is damned to spend etern­ity in tor­ment if something isn’t done. God knew this, and be­cause of his great love for us, he had his son die as a sac­ri­fice for our sins. His son Je­sus took the pun­ish­ment we de­served, and as he was tor­tured and hung on the cross, his blood was shed for us.

If we be­lieve all of this, if we ac­know­ledge our sins and agree with God that they of­fend him, and if we turn away from them, the blood of Je­sus Christ will wash away those sins and we will be for­giv­en. The blood of Je­sus is the soul of Je­sus which can also cleanse our very souls and shape them in­to his im­age.

The blood of Je­sus re­con­ciles us to God through Je­sus Christ and we can now build a re­la­tion­ship with God. Through obed­i­ence and faith, this time al­lot­ted on this earth is to al­low God’s Holy Spir­it to help us get cleansed from sin, and as we do that, we are to tell oth­ers of this great mes­sage of sal­va­tion and how God wants to con­form them to his im­age.

This is the gos­pel of Je­sus Christ.

If you’ve heard this for the first time and be­lieved it, let me know.