Why is there a high school dropout rate among black boys? Why is there a great percentage of black males in prison? This article explains why.

Last time we talked about the racist systems of Segregation and Integration and how the latter destroyed economic and educational progress in the black community. Now I want to go a little further into another system that targets black males from within the public school system.

Side note: If you claim to be a Christian or a follower of God, but you “don’t believe in conspiracies”, you are deceived. The bible is clear that the whole world lies in the power of the wicked one—Satan—which we know is the father of lies (1 John 5:19; John 8:44). Since the father of lies is running things, the world is bound to be filled with deceptions, cover-ups, misdirection, and every evil thing. To not believe this is to be naive or purposely ignorant.

If you claim to be a lover of truth then it should a love for all the truth—not just what makes you feel comfortable. This means that we all need to start pointing to the source of the problem instead of blaming the victim and regurgitating what the enemy wants us to believe.

With that being said, if you want to know why there’s a high dropout rate from public schools by black males; if you want to know why there’s so many black males being diagnosed with ADD and now ADHD; if you want to know why there’s a great percentage of black males in prison, this is the article that will expose the truth behind it all.

Let’s start with the school system

Dr. Umar Johnson knows why there’s a failure among black boys in the public school system. Johnson is a national certified school psychologist. Through his work, he discovered a covert war against black boys through the public school system which still goes on to this day.

When schools were desegregated by the 1954 Brown vs Board of Education Decision the system of racism had to come up with a new strategy to segregate white children from blacks. Twenty-one years later, in 1975, they used the label Learning Disability.

While there are legitimate learning disabilities among children of any hue, black male boys are dispositionally diagnosed as having a learning disability; and to make it worse, they’re given unnecessary and harmful drugs that disrupt their health and growth all to try and combat “the problem.” Please watch the video below where Johnson explains this epidemic against black boys on the Rock Newman show. If you have black children in the public school system, it’s important that you watch this.

About Dr. Umar Johnson. Dr. Umar Johnson is a very proud Pan Africanist, and doesn’t believe pleasing God is the solution to humanity’s problems. While unrelated to Pan Africanism, if you’ve listened to any of Johnson’s community speeches and lectures found on YouTube, at the end of them, he consistently brings up the idea that black people need to get back to connecting with their dead ancestors. If you know anything about communication with the dead, which is also known as familiar spirits (or demons), you know God forbids it (Deut 18:11; Lev 19:31; 1 Chron 10:13; 2 Chron 33:6). A demon impersonating a dead loved-one will only guide that person to destruction. Overall, I don’t agree with Umar’s Pan Africanist ideology, or his solution to racism/white supremacy, but I respect his efforts to expose many of the systems that plague black people and doing so with great eloquence.

So we’ve seen how the public school system is falsely diagnosing black children with a disability which damages their self-esteem and harms their bodies and minds with drugs that supposedly manage the problem. This in turn generates profits for the school and the drug companies at the expense of the child.

Now let’s talk about homeschooling and school dropout

Homeschooling which is common among white parents is increasing among black parents in America for reasons mostly due to racism as Ama Mazama, an associate professor and the director of graduate programs for the department of African-American Studies at Temple University discovered after interviewing 74 black families in America in 2010.

The main problems she discovered were the Eurocentric curriculum and the white teachers’ attitudes towards black children. As stated in her findings:

School curricula continue to promote a worldview developed by Western civilization. This wholesale Eurocentric orientation of most schools’ curricula, in a society that, ironically, is becoming increasingly brown, speaks volumes about a pervasive European ethnocentrism — that is, the notion that every one in the world thinks and does or should think and do like Europeans.

She continues to add:

Africa and African-descended people find themselves quasi-excluded from the curriculum. As one of the fathers with whom I spoke in Atlanta succinctly articulated, “All we learn about is their stuff, and we know nothing about our stuff, our history, our culture.” This results in a general school-sanctioned ignorance about Africa and its descendants and in a disdain for the black experience, as I found through my interviews. Eventually, this becomes a pervasive and potent form of institutional racism.

She continues to write:

Furthermore, the attitudes and actions of white teachers (who make up 85 percent of all public school teachers) were questioned by many of the African-American parents with whom I spoke. They consistently portrayed white teachers as overly critical, unresponsive, unqualified, insensitive, offensive, mean, hypocritical, and using double standards.

Indeed, many white teachers seem to bring into the schools the many racist stereotypes and attitudes that have been ingrained in them, in particular the notions that blacks lack in intelligence, or are notoriously lazy and bent on criminality

There are two areas where teachers’ unchecked prejudices have been particularly visible and tragic: the over-referral of black students to special education programs and to the criminal system. African-American students are more than twice as likely to be labeled cognitively “deficient” than white American students. Although they only make up 17 percent of the student population, they nonetheless represent 33 percent of those enrolled in programs for the mentally challenged.

What appears to be a false and incorrect labeling, has a dire impact on the ability of black students to attend college and achieve social mobility…

Likewise, black students account nationally for 34 percent of all suspensions. In reality, harsh school punishments have become one of the primary mechanisms through which the school-to-prison pipeline operates, pushing large numbers of black children out of school and into the “justice” system to feed the prison industrial complex that has blossomed over recent years.

Now, given that information, and the response that conscience black parents have by homeschooling their children, what do you think is happening to a large percentage of black children whose parents are not conscience, and who are not involved in their education or their lives?

Picture this: you go to school, but the majority of your teachers see you as a young thug in the making, and they don’t have high hopes for you. The curriculum isn’t relevant to you. Your teachers, in subtle ways, treat your normal undisciplined, immature, masculine behavior as criminal and demonic. You’re different and you learn different, but your teacher doesn’t understand how to teach you. You’re often marginalized. Your frustration resulting in disruptive behavior because of this situation, which you quite don’t understand, is met with detention and suspension.

Now, would you keep attending a place that doesn’t seem to want you? If you didn’t have parents to help and encourage you, like most single parent impoverished black boys, you would probably drop out; and this is what is happening.

There isn’t really a high dropout rate among black boys in American public schools, there’s a high pushout rate.

While the child made a decision to drop out, it was the teacher, the parent and the public school system that was to blame. Therefore, there isn’t really a high dropout rate among black boys in American public schools, there’s a high pushout rate.

End the School to Prison Pipeline Rally

And then the racist media feeds us these statistics and wants us to believe that black male children are lazy and don’t want to learn.

No. It’s the system of racism/white supremacy at work destroying the lives of young black boys. And notice when presented with solutions to these problems, there’s an excuse not to implement them. That’s because there’s an agenda at play. The goal is to destroy black boys before they can ever become men.

Now, let’s continue the journey of these black boys as they grow into adulthood. They can’t read or write, they had no father figure to teach them how to be men, they’re living in poverty and unlikely to find sufficient employment. What do they do to support themselves and their families? Well, sell illegal drugs (at least that’s what the white-owned rappers preach in their music) which puts them in danger of being killed or thrown into prison. They’ve just fallen into another trap of the system of racism/white supremacy.

Take a look at this infographic, it illustrates the problem even further (click to enlarge if necessary):

Drugs & the Black Community

Finally, let’s talk about drugs and guns in the black community.

Did you know that drugs and weapons were purposely dropped into black communities by the CIA; and that these actions are documented and aren’t denied by the CIA? The story of Gary Webb and Ricky “Freeway” Ross is how one of the biggest drug kingpins of his time was unknowingly being supplied drugs by the United States’ CIA.

Gary Webb was the reporter that exposed the whole thing and was later killed for it. The movie Kill The Messenger is based off his story and what he uncovered. The following video is an interview between Ricky Ross (the still living, reformed drug kingpin) and Alex Jones from Infowars. In it, Ricky Ross explains how he got into drugs and how everything was uncovered. I encourage you to watch the entire video.

Note: I’m not a follower of Alex Jones, but I felt the information exposed in this interview aligned with my research well and this is why I’m sharing it here. This is an unedited video, so commercials are included.


The prison–industrial complex

In short, the US government drops guns and drugs into black communities which created all kinds of havoc: violence, death, homelessness, addiction, prostitution, crack babies etc. Then the president declares “War on Drugs” and the users and dealers are rounded up and imprisoned for longer than normal sentences—this was really a war on black people. Next, the private prisons then hire out the labor of their inmates who they now own for the extent of their sentence to outside corporations. Corporations make a fortune while paying little to nothing for the labor. During my research I’ve come across inmates being paid as little as 23¢ an hour! Inmates produce a variety of items we use today that you may not be aware of:

  • Books for the blind
  • Lingerie for Victoria’s Secret
  • Park benches and picnic tables
  • Military jackets and battle garb
  • Law enforcement equipment (ironic)
  • McDonald’s uniforms (subcontractor)
  • Furniture
  • Microsoft software packaging
  • Honda car parts
  • Dentures
  • Call centers
  • Starbucks packaging (subcontractor)
  • Processed meat
  • Whole Foods Market (discontinued)
  • Human silhouette targets
  • Baseball caps
  • Expensive Canoes
  • Bluejeans (several companies)

The system of racism has yet again used a loophole in the law. The Thirteenth Amendment forbade slavery and involuntary servitude, “except as punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted.”

It’s mighty strange how nicotine cigarettes, drugs given to children for ADHD, and many of these drugs advertised in TV commercials are just as addictive, harmful and deadly as cocaine, but are perfectly legal.

To make matters worse, when these men finish their sentences, they’re stigmatized forever. It can be difficult for ex-felons to get jobs and so they may turn back to crime just to support themselves which leads right back to the prison plantation.

America is addicted to slavery and they’ve never stopped trying to get cheap labor.

There is no wonder why more money is being spent to build prisons rather than build or improve schools. These big corporations want cheap labor. America is addicted to slavery and they’ve never stopped trying to get cheap labor.

Next time, you see a story about black men being sent to prison for drugs, understand where the drugs and guns are coming from. Yes, black men and women are selling it, but who are they getting it from? Cocaine isn’t grown in the US, and poor black communities aren’t manufacturing military weaponry to kill one another. While black people chose to sell, use drugs, and kill one another, there conditions are engineered, and without God, they fall victim to the system.

We ought to pray for and educate black communities as Ricky “Freeway” Ross now does instead of demeaning these weakened people who are being destroyed for a lack of knowledge.

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