Failure to deal with your own darkness may result in eternal darkness. Be careful.

While God calls us to expose darkness, I see too many Christians exposing and talking about the dirt of others, their ministries and their doctrines for the real sake of masking their own sins, which is specifically PRIDE. Pride needs to talk about others to elevate one’s self.

We have to be balanced and expose our own mess to God as well so we can be cleansed. If you keep the magnifying glass on “their” dirt, you’ll never deal with your own — this is a trick of the enemy. I’m not saying we focus on our issues, but focus on Christ about our issues so we can be cleansed and grow in holiness.

Just because you left the false church system doesn’t make you clean, just smart. It’s good you recognize “they” are wrong and their deeds are evil, but that won’t justify YOU before a holy God.

God is coming back for a church without spot. God is calling us to excel past all that foolishness we left behind, not to focus on it and write article after article, and make video after video about it. For some folks, the dirt of others is all they talk about. We must remember that Jesus shed his blood so that we can be cleansed (1 John 1:9). We can’t be cleansed unless we confess our sins and we can’t confess our sins if we’re too focused on everyone else’ sin.

I want to be ready when Jesus returns, not caught talking about some false preachers, when I’m just as dirty as they are. I can’t say on judgement day, “but Bishop touched boys, he’s worse than me.” That ain’t gonna fly with God. The question you should ask yourself is, “Do I meet the standards of God today?, Am I looking more and more like Jesus everyday?”

No proud person will get into heaven, not one — this was Satan’s problem. Jesus said, “Learn of me, for I am meek and lowly” (Matt 11:29). We should re-examine what Jesus said about salvation and examine ourselves.

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This ministry is no longer in service. I left the Christian faith and no longer agree with some of the content posted here. However, this website will remain available for archive purposes. Read the details in my last post.