In this sermon, we discuss what gynocentrism is and provide examples of how America is a woman-centered society.

As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths (Isaiah 3:11)

Gynocentrism is a dominant or exclusive focus on women in theory or practice; or to the advocacy of this. Anything can be considered gynocentric when it is concerned exclusively with a female (or feminist) point of view.

This is what Wikipedia had to say about Gynocentrism:

… Nathanson and Young state that ideologically, the overriding focus of gynocentrism is to prioritize females hierarchically, and as a result may be interpreted as misandry (hatred of and prejudice towards men). Feminist calls for equality or even equity are often, according to them, a subterfuge for gynocentrism.

They define gynocentrism as a worldview based on the implicit or explicit belief that the world revolves around women, a cultural theme that they claim has become ‘de rigueur’ behind the scenes in law courts and government bureaucracies, resulting in systemic discrimination against men. 

They further state that gynocentrism is a form of essentialism – as distinct from scholarship or political activity on behalf of women- to the extent that it focuses on the innate virtues of women and the innate vices of men.

Some authors make discriminations between individual gynocentric acts and events, such as Mother’s Day, and the more general concept of a gynocentric culture which refers to a larger collection of culture traits that have major significance in the way people’s lives were lived.

Some post-modern feminists such as Nancy Fraser question the assumption of a stable concept of ‘woman’ which underlies all gynocentrism. Nathanson and Young make a comparable claim that gynocentrism is a form of essentialism as distinct from scholarship or political activity on behalf of women, to the extent that it focuses on the innate virtues of women. Nathanson and Young add that “This worldview is explicitly misandric too, because it not only ignores the needs and problems of men, but also attacks men.”

Christina Hoff Sommers has argued that gynocentrism is anti-intellectual and holds an antagonistic view of traditional scientific and creative disciplines, dismissing many important discoveries and artistic works as masculine. Sommers also writes that the presumption of objectivity ascribed to many gynocentrist theories has stifled feminist discourse and interpretation.

Feminist writer Lynda Burns emphasizes that gynocentrism calls for a celebration of women’s positive differences—of women’s history, myths, arts and music—as opposed to an assimilationist model privileging similarity to men. However observed in practice, the preeminence of women associated with gynocentric narratives is often seen as absolute: interpersonally, culturally, historically, politically, or in broader social contexts such as popular entertainment. As such, it can shade into what Rosalind Coward called “womanism …a sort of popularized version of feminism which acclaims everything women do and disparages men”.

The Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) community describes themselves as a backlash against the misandry of gynocentrism.

from Wikipedia on Gynocentrism

13 examples of a gynocentrism in America

  1. Some news headlines go something like this: “250 migrants killed in boat capsizing, including 16 women.” Why are women highlighted?
  2. We’re warned: “Never put your hands on a woman even if she put her hands on you.” You can’t hit a woman, but she can hit you.
  3. When a man kills his wife for emotional abuse, he called a villain. When a woman kills her husband for physical abuse, it’s called self-defense and she’s labeled a hero.
  4. It’s rare to find someone who both believes and respects a man who says he is being abused. If he ever speaks up about it, he’s usually met with laughter.
  5. Women can call men “dogs,” but as soon as a man calls a woman a bitch, he’s disrespectful and using “abusive language.”
  6. Women are usually awarded custody of the children in a divorce proceeding when she’s not equipped to raise children on her own.
  7. The idea that men will never be right about children the way that women are.
  8. Sitcoms depicting married couples often display the wife/mother as the voice of wisdom and the husband/father as the buffoonish idiot.
  9. The majority of 80’s and 90’s rhythm and blues songs message was about the centering and worship of women.
  10. The idea that men were made to please and make women happy.
  11. On Mothers Day: mothers are showered with parties, expensive dinners, and gifts. On Fathers Day, men are usually underappreciated and given socks and a tie.
  12. In marriage: the man proposes on one knee in submission and waits at the altar as the woman struts down the aisle in a large white dress for all to see.
  13. Woman can walk around with their breast, butt, legs, and vaginas exposed, but if a man does something similar, it’s considered “indecent exposure.”
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