In a gynocentric society, masculinity is toxic. Don’t believe the deception. Masculinity is not toxic—it’s a super-power. Walk in the full power of masculinity and be what God called you to be.

Satan and the powers-that-be don’t want men to be fully masculine because its easier to control and dominate them when they think like women. While most men in gynocentric societies have had their masculinity suppressed through social programming, their masculine power has not been destroyed—it can be recovered.

The following list isn’t exhaustive and is just my view on what a fully masculine man ought to behave. In addition to my sermon, I encourage you to do your own research on masculinity. Here are my seven traits of masculinity:

1) Self-respect

  • You value and respect yourself
  • You stand up for yourself and you protect yourself
  • God and yourself are your mental points of origin, not others

2) Strong-willed 

  • You force your will on the environment
  • You don’t simply and ignorantly follow the crowd
  • You have a purpose and plans
  • You are building something
  • You are creative
  • You never take “No” for an answer
  • You are determined to meet your goals
  • You never give up
  • This will require the pursuit of the following:
    • Physical and mental strength
    • Knowledge, wisdom and education
    • Money and resources
    • Social status, charisma
    • Leadership skills
    • Many men confuse the above with manhood but they are merely tools to fulfill your purpose.

3) Dominant

  • You have your own space
  • You seek to be sovereign
  • You refuse to be dominated by others
  • You dominate the women in your life

4) Orderly

  • You set order
  • You set rules and standards
  • You create systems to govern your order
  • You monitor and measure your growth and progress
  • You hold yourself and others accountable
  • You have punishments and rewards

5) Assertive & Aggressive

  • You have a killer instinct 
  • You are aggressive with evil
  • You are confrontational
  • You are never “passive aggressive”
  • You seek to punish injustice
  • You are warrior, fighter, and hunter
  • You are courageous
  • You express righteous anger
  • You practice self-defense
  • You defend those in your care

6) Self-controlled

  • You put reason over emotion
  • You practice critical thinking
  • You seek to solve problems instead of complain
  • You’re willing to venture outside of your comfort zone

7) Agape love

You have the moral character of God (godliness with power). Here are just some of the attributes of agape love:

  • kindness 
  • humble
  • respectful
  • love the truth
  • patient
  • no gossiping
  • no envy
  • no selfishness
  • forgiving
  • endurance
  • hopes the best
  • slow to wrath
  • trustworthy
  • heal and restore
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