In this sermon, we cover ten benefits of a plural marriage family. This is part three in a series of talks about polygamy and polygyny.

The following are a few benefits of a polygyny we elaborated on in this sermon.

  1. Polygyny supports a man’s biological drive to procreate.
  2. Polygyny provides sexual diversity and satisfaction to the husband.
  3. Polygyny provides additional help with domestic duties to the wife.
  4. Polygyny provides wives with more sisters to fellowship with (“sister wives”).
  5. Polygyny creates more children, larger families, and micro communities equating to safety and strength.
  6. Polygyny can grow a family’s business and wealth through the service and talent of the wives and children.
  7. Polygyny provides security and support for widowed and single mothers.
  8. Polygyny provides every woman with a husband. No woman has to be single.
  9. If a patriarch has a wife who is lacking in an area, polygyny provides another wife to fill the void.
  10. Polygyny forms alliances between tribes and nations through intermarriage for unity, power, and wealth.


The following places you can start to research polygyny to learn the ups, downs, and different ways polygamist families are structured:

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  1. Interesting stuff Neal. I appreciate your deep dive into this topic. You mentioned in the previous article that monogamy was required for elders, deacons & pastors. Why do you think this was the case for them specifically?

    1. Hi Mike. The reason was stated in this sermon Does God Support Polygamy? (Updated): a man managing multiple wives and children would conflict with his duties to the Church.

      I did a whole series on pastoring and it takes a lot of effort and involvement to lead several families to maturity. It’s alot different from being a teacher, apostle, prophet or evangelist. That’s the reason I gave, but there may be others.

      1. Got it. This is understandable. Thanks for the reply Neal. Keep up the good work and God bless you brother.