When men believe doctrines that reject the Bible or the Holy Spirit as authentic sources of guidance, the motive is rebellion.

I have come across men who say they’re willing to follow the voice of God, but not the Bible. I’ve heard other men say they’re willing to follow the Bible, but not the voice of God.

This is not an attempt to prove either ideology wrong, but rather to review the reasons why they’ve come to these conclusions and to uncover the root motive behind their ideology.

Firstly, I for one am a believer in both the Bible and the Holy Spirit as necessary, essential guides for life. And those who discard either one are entitled to do so, but are doing themselves a grave disservice.

From the men who simply follow the voice of God and don’t regard the Bible as the infallible, inspired word of God, they say things like:

  • “The Bible is a book written by men and men have opinions, biases, and flaws.”
  • “You can’t really verify if the accounts in the Bible are true or not.”
  • “Many men over the centuries used the Bible to justify horrible acts against humanity.”
  • “I haven’t seen any of the promises from the Bible regarding healing or miracles take place in my life.”
  • “The Bible has a lot of good principles in it, and if applied, will bring about a healthier life, but it isn’t the infallible, inspired words of God—it’s just a good book and that’s all.”

From the men who don’t regard the Holy Spirit as the help and leader for a Christian’s life, they say things like:

  • “Look at all the men and women who’ve said they were led by the Holy Spirit, yet made terrible decisions and destroyed so many lives.”
  • “The Bible is inspired by the Holy Spirit and that’s all you need! What more do you want?! Everything that is and needs to be said from God has already been said in the Bible.”
  • “God doesn’t speak directly to individual, unique situations today.”

OK, so we’ve heard the excuses from both sides, but here’s the one motive behind it all:


By casting away the Holy Spirit who guides men into all truth, these men are able to interpret the Bible anyway they choose. They can now do anything they want, all while claiming to follow Jesus Christ.

If these men don’t like a passage in scripture, they’ll simply interpret it to say what they’re more comfortable with. These men can make the Bible say whatever they want, because there’s no Holy Spirit to correct them.

On the other side, by casting away the Bible, the foundation for morality, life, and direction are now placed in men’s hands. A man is in charge of his life, not God. He pursues his own desires rather than the desires of the God he claims to respect. If the Bible says homosexuality is an abomination, these men will have a revelation from God and say, “God said it’s OK.”

This is the heart of it:

  • “I don’t want God telling me what to do.”
  • “I want to live my life, my way.”
  • “I want to be accepted by God …”
  • “… but I’m not willing to do the things that are acceptable to him.”

The Bible and the Holy Spirit

The Bible is our starting point for life, and as we follow it, the Holy Spirit leads. God has given us something physical and someone spiritual for a successful life.

If we’re off track, and can’t hear the voice of God, we can open the Bible and find out why. If we’re hearing from God, but we’re not sure if it’s him, we can verify his voice with the Bible.

The 90% and 10%

Next time you come across a person that disrespects the Bible or the Holy Spirit, forget about their excuses and see the real heart of the matter: rebellion. They don’t want to obey God. Jesus isn’t the Lord of their life. They are their own God.

And I would say this is the root motive of 90% of people who believe and teach such things. The other 10% are deceived by the 90% and need to be told so.

How to tell if you’re talking to the deceived or the rebel?

Usually the rebel will attempt to forcefully change your beliefs to align with his own. These people are contentious and will go out of their way to deceive you. By “making” you agree with them, you validate their deception and justify their hidden rebellion.

The deceived can be passive in their beliefs, holding to them in secret, only exposing them when ready, but barely able to defend their viewpoint seeing as they’re repeating what someone else taught them. They can be reached, but only if they truly want to submit to God. If not, they end up like the rebel.

The rebel can be reached too, but he must first repent, humble himself and realize that God loves him and has his best interests at heart.

As for the rest of us, false doctrines appeal to the flesh which is naturally rebellious. We must stay on guard and overcome our flesh so we don’t accept these doctrines of destruction.

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This ministry is no longer in service. I left the Christian faith and no longer agree with some of the content posted here. However, this website will remain available for archive purposes. Read the details in my last post.