I haven’t heard much on the negative impact women pastors have on the family and the church. Here is what I’ve found.

The controversial question of whether or not it’s right for women to pastor churches or co-pastor with their husbands has come up again. This time, in one of my circles. My view has been that God prohibits this practice. So I did another study to be sure if my view aligned with God’s.

What prompted this study was when a prominent, well-loved and respected pastor by me and many others came out and said that he supported the practice of women pastors. After launching his new ministry page on Facebook, it featured him and his wife as pastors of their church.

His announcement, through a public video on Facebook, drew almost 300 comments. Half of which included the pastor and those that agreed with the practice, and the rest that didn’t.

It was that argument with both sides bringing up scriptures to justify their position. In those 300-plus comments, all I saw was a back-and-forth about what the Bible says. But no one talked about the dangers of this practice and the end effect on the human soul. And so, this is the reason behind this article.

First off, I’m not against women teaching other women or children. I do believe women can prophesy, and share the gospel. However, I do believe God prohibits women from leading his flock.

So, I will present to you the real reason why women are not allowed to lead and teach men in the Church, I’ll submit scripture to back it up, and then I’ll talk about the adverse outcome of this disorderly practice.

The real reason

The real reason women aren’t allowed to pastor is not because they’re easily manipulated, or too emotional for the pulpit, no, it’s simply because it’s not in their assigned roles as women.

God assigned roles to men and women from the beginning of creation. He expects those roles to be played out in his church as well—there are no exceptions. When the roles are switched, God is angry, and Satan has an entry point.

Let’s see what the Bible explicitly says (this is the apostle Paul speaking):

Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer [tolerate] not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression. (1 Timothy 2:11-14)

There are 5 points I want to bring out about these passages:

  1. Learn in silence
  2. All subjection
  3. Not to teach
  4. Nor usurp authority over the man
  5. Adam was first formed, then Eve

Learn in silence

It’s commanded that women should learn in silence and it’s mentioned twice. Why is this? Perhaps this passage in first Peter will shed some light on that:

1 Likewise, ye wives, be in subjection to your own husbands; that, if any obey not the word, they also may without the word be won by the conversation of the wives; 2 While they behold your chaste conversation coupled with fear. 3 Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel; 4 But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price. 5 For after this manner in the old time the holy women also, who trusted in God, adorned themselves, being in subjection unto their own husbands: 6 Even as Sara obeyed Abraham, calling him lord: whose daughters ye are, as long as ye do well, and are not afraid with any amazement. (1 Peter 3:1-6)

We see in the latter part of verse four that God considers a woman who is meek and quiet (silent) to be precious. This doesn’t mean women can’t ever speak; it just means they should guard against the fallen nature which is loud and proud (Prov 9:13; 7:11).

Silence and meekness are how godly women ought to behave because this is God’s will. So all Paul is doing is repeating God’s will, but this can’t be accomplished if she’s shepherding a church.

All subjection

The next word we find is “subjection;” this means obedience, yielding to another’s admonition or advice. This is the role of the wife concerning her husband. If the man isn’t telling his wife to disobey God, she should be submitting to her husband’s direction in all areas.

We must also remember why women were created: to help the man fulfill the call of God for his life (Gen 2:18-24). After the fall, God said that the husband would rule over his wife (Gen 3:16). This is because Adam initially submitted to his wife’s advice, disobeyed God, and perverted the roles. So God had to re-establish his order again. So how can a woman co-pastor the flock and be in subjection to her husband? She can’t.

Not to teach

Because a woman’s role is to support her husband in all subjection, she can’t fulfill her role as a woman if she’s teaching men at her local church. Teaching men requires authority and leading which isn’t in her role as a woman in relation to men and especially husbands. Instead, she should be learning, and if she has children, teaching them.

Nor usurp authority over the man

Usurp means to take (a position of power or importance) illegally or by force; this may have been what was happening in Timothy’s church back then, and what’s surely happening in many churches today—women taking the authority of men; and by force! As Paul says, this must not be tolerated.

Adam was first formed, then Eve

By stating that Adam was made first and then Eve, Paul was re-establishing order once again. God has set up an order, and it must be followed. It doesn’t matter if a woman has an anointing on her life, or a revelation to start a church, this isn’t her role.

She should be focused on supporting her husband in his duty as pastor. And if she’s not married, to concentrate on learning how to be that meek and quiet spirit God so treasures so she can adequately support that husband God brings her.

The order is: the husband leads, the wife follows and supports. The wife cannot co-pastor the church of God, this is not her role.

So what are the consequences of female pastors?

By allowing women to pastor and teach men, they commit the sin of disorder and this gives the devil entry into the family and the church to destroy it. What is sin? Whatever you know to be right, but you do the opposite. If God commands one thing and you do another, this is sin. And if we continue in unrepentant sin, we give a place to the devil (Eph 4:27, 2 Cor 2:11).

Satan is the antithesis of God.

We shouldn’t be ignorant of Satan’s devices. He’s always suggesting something contrary to God’s word. If we obey Satan rather than God, Satan becomes our master and he has control over us.

  • When God says, “Man must be with woman,” Satan says, “Man can be with man.”
  • When God says, “Humble yourself,” Satan says, “Pride is strength and humility is weakness.”
  • When God says, “Tell the truth,” Satan says, “Lie.”
  • What God calls evil, Satan calls good.
  • When God says, “The man leads and the wife follows,” Satan says, “The woman should lead and the man should follow.”

Satan appeals to our human emotions and says, “Women should be in authority. They should be in control. They have an anointing too!” But with the woman in control, Satan knows that he gains the advantage. That co-pastor-wife, her pastor-husband, the children and the church will gradually lose the protection available from God because of the sin of disorder. No matter how well things are going for a church that practices this sin, they will eventually fall.

The Bible is clear about proper headship:

But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God. (1 Cor 11:3)

I remade an image I found on the Internet that best illustrates the correct order:

You tolerate that woman Jezebel

In the book of Revelation, Jesus addresses several churches, one of which was commended for their love, faith, and patience, but they were tolerating a woman who called herself a prophet, and who was teaching the people to commit fornication (Rev 2:18-24). Jesus refers to her as Jezebel. We know this isn’t the same Jezebel of the Old Testament because she was killed for leading God’s people to rebel against him; this is a spirit of Jezebel.

Now, this is not to say that all women who desire to teach or pastor have a spirit of Jezebel or want to bring the people into sin. I believe that this spirit is always looking to get in and if men and women of God reject the word of God about his creation roles, they will eventually come under this spirit’s control. It doesn’t matter how great the church is doing, if they allow this sin of disorder to go unchecked, Satan will take advantage.

So why can’t women pastor or co-pastor with their husbands? It’s not in their role. What’s the danger? It allows Satan entry to destroy the Church.

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This ministry is no longer in service. I left the Christian faith and no longer agree with some of the content posted here. However, this website will remain available for archive purposes. Read the details in my last post.


  1. Thank you,

    I am agnostic and was looking up Christianity and how it works, trying to keep an open mind. Articles like this one remind me that Christianity is sexist and, because I believe in equality, I could never follow a sexist God. I mean I think everyone should try to fulfil their potential and do what makes them happy in life, not men should do what makes them happy and fulfilled while women should just submit and stay home to support them because they are just women after all.

    I wonder though, what about a third umbrella? the ideal umbrella where wives and husbands and equal without one being over the other? an equal partnership where both have equal say in the marriage and compromises are made when they disagree … or if an agreement can’t be reached they take turns with each getting their way. This seems to be the model I would go with (though I must admit marriage does not actually appeal to me nor do I want children).

    Also in the Christ Jesus umbrella I noticed you put that the husband is empowered while in the Satan umbrella he is disempowered. You forgot to add that in the Christ Jesus umbrella the wife is disempowered.

    1. Leeanne, Christianity is not sexist. This article is simply stating the order for men and women in family and in church which was ordained by God.

      On a job, there is a supervisor, a manager, a president, a CEO and all kinds of positions. These are in place for the purpose of order. No one is inferior or superior, they simply have different roles to fulfil.

      The same within marriage and in church. There are roles that God designated for men and roles designated for women. The woman is not inferior to the man, nor is the man superior to the women. The women is not disempowered because she doesn’t have extra responsibilities and accountability of the man, no more than a supervisor is disempowered because he has to report to the manager or a president — it’s just their roles.

      Should a lawyer feel disempowered because the judge has more power then he/she? No. The lawyer has a position and so does the judge.

      Christians believe that both men and women are equal, but have different roles. When men and women step outside of their God given roles, things begin to break (for a lack of a better term).

      This article dealt with the breaking of things when there’s disorder.

    2. Thank you for writing this Leeanne – After reading this article, Christianity is not something I want to be a part of. I was born a woman and so that means I have less advantages than a man? There are so many men out there that want to make sure I don’t rise above them and they use the Bible to fuel their arguments saying ‘it’s not my fault – god doesn’t want you to excel, it’s gods word’ – how convenient. I appreciate what you wrote, and it comforts me to know that there are women out there who believe this is nonsensical and sexist.

      1. Hopefully, God will change your mind and show you the protection and blessing when we all chose to fit into our roles. Until then, Christianity is not for you or anyone that doesn’t want to submit to God. I have to submit to Jesus and Jesus has to submit to his father. Without order their is chaos. It’s sad to see this mindset so prevalent today—so many women usurping the authority of their husbands and churches and bringing about rebellious children and/or divorce. This non-submissive mindset has destroyed so many families and perverted so many churches.

        1. I am a Christian women and I have a calling on my life to be a pastor. I don’t think God would have placed a calling on my life if it “wasnt my role”. I don’t think that a women is any less qualified to be a pastor than a man. God created us all equal no matter our gender or race. This article is sexist, considering you said that a women in leadership would destroy the church and that is not true. There are branches of Christianity like Assemblies of God, which I follow, who ordain women as pastors in the church. It’s time for people to wake up and realize that we no longer live in such a patriarchal society. I refuse to listen to the words of the person who says what God has called me to do is wrong or sinful. God is a sinless, and perfect God and he would not lead me to the path of sin and hell. I love God with all my heart and soul and I plan to fulfill the position he has called me too. I will not let your misguided minds destroy the destiny God has for my life.

          1. Rebecca, go ahead and do what you feel God has called you to do. You may win souls to Christ, but when you stand before God he may say, “Get away from me you worker of iniquity, I never knew you.” And you’ll say, “but Lord, Lord, I did all these great works in your name!” (Matt 7:21-23).

            You see, God is the only God that will use you and discard you for not obeying him. There are many people doing good things for God, but out of their own will and with their own intentions. God will take advantage of your ambition and use it to further his kingdom, but you yourself, won’t get any credit because you don’t love him enough to submit to his will and authority.

            Paul said that there were men preaching the gospel for gain sake and for envy (Phil 1:15). Will the money hungry preacher and the envious make it into heaven? No. But the people who hear the true gospel they preached will be blessed. It’s likewise with these perverted women pastors. They may bless masses of people, but they’ll also certainly confuse and damage others as well. In the end, God won’t be pleased because they were never suppose to be in that position in the first place, and so there will be judgement.

            Think hard about what you’re about to do. No one is sexist here, we love you, and this is a warning out of love.

      2. Hi Nicole,

        I have become interested in different types of Christianity based on reading articles like this. Have you read anything about the Quiverfull movement? which is an extreme movement based on these ideas .. it is alarming and a good reminder to me of why feminism is still necessary … anyway,

        Yes, its sad that so many Christians (granted, not all Christians as there is such thing as Christian Egalitarians) want to limit the potential of the female half of the population and state we are only here to obey the male half of the population and help the males achieve whatever their goals are … all in the name of God and religion. They really can’t argue their complementarian Christian religion is sexist since sexist by definition is “discrimination or devaluation based on a person’s sex or gender, as in restricted job opportunities, especially such discrimination directed against women” (from dictionary.com). They are really just arguing that is sexism is good and proper because it is God-ordained sexism.

        Funny how as women we are referred to as being selfish by not adhering to this limiting, submissive life that men in these religions think is good for us (and society as a whole) but it is somehow not selfish for these men to think that women only exist to serve and obey them and have children for them. Seriously, God forbid a woman wanting to be a leader of a mixed group of adults in some capacity or wanting equal authority in the home. The complementarian men in power must be relieved they were not born a woman – this includes all husbands.

        Also, I still don’t understand why complementarian Christians believe that if the husband does not have power over the wife than the wife must have power over the husband. They keep bringing up in scenarios related to work life but isn’t marriage more like a partnership? I personally have never dated (never wanted to – I seem to be asexual) but marriage would be more like a friendship than a working relation right? and I have been part of several friendship groups … as well as socialising with one friend at a time and at no point has it been necessary to have a hierarchy of who is in charge because otherwise chaos would reign.

      3. In Corinthians 2:14 “But a natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him”. A “natural man [woman]” is a person who lacks supernatural depth meaning that he or she is without the Holy Spirit. The natural man’s [woman’s] values are primarily physical/materialistic and as such lacks the capacity to understand those things of the Holy Spirit. They are primarily controlled by feelings, moods, urges, felt needs, desires, and the Word of God Speaks directly to these controls, The natural man [woman] is guided by natural reasoning and logical choices that are routinely made on the basis of goal centers and life—successes, wealth, power, and pleasure. Such a person does not “accept” the things of God for they are foolishness to him.” In short, “The unbeliever does not welcome and cannot comprehend the Things of God.”
        It is unfortunate that so many Christians bounce back and forth between “carnal” and “spiritual,” depending on who is on the throne: self or the Lord.

      4. When you become a Christian woman and you’re husband submits unto Christ then you can submit unto him and you are very blessed amd happy to do that because he is leading you . We need women I have the best wife in the world I wouldn’t be the man I am today without her our family would not be what it is . She is such a huge part of the family . Without herbit wouldn’t work . At the same time we both have our roles ! Great article . My wife is not oppressed or controlled at all she is free to do what she wants i love her like Christ loves the church

  2. People always seem to bring up the argument that organisations have different roles that come with different levels of authority and the role in which a person is does not make them superior or inferior. This is different from the wife/husband situation however, because, for example, a lawyer can always strive to become a judge through merit and hard work. A vice president of a company, if they want to become CEO down the track can also wait for the CEO of that company to leave and try to win the position or they can apply for CEO at another company if that is their ambition. Work roles can be temporary because there is always a chance at promotion or leaving the work site if it does not suit you. So no a person with subordinate role within a company should not feel inferior to a person in an authoritative position since they know the person in authority got there by hard work and merit (or they should have anyway).

    A woman who gets married on the other hand apparently has to remain in the submissive position because, to put it bluntly, she was born with a vagina and not a penis.

    You say men and women have different roles to fulfil but basically this seems to boil down to men can authority in the church if they want to (but they can just be a regular church goer or support the church in minor ways) and by being a man it is their right to authority in the home. There seems to be little he can’t do really.

    A woman, just by being a woman can not have authority in the church or at her home (except over the children), she is, after all, just a woman. If she wants to help in the church she must do what men allow her to do and nothing more.

    This is sexist, because the woman is not allowed to be in authority because of her gender, there is no chance at progression (or for that matter, demotion/chance of being fired for poor performance in the home by a man since your religion is against divorce).

    1. Leeanne, you’re basing this topic on how you feel rather than what God ordains in his inspired word the bible. I’m not really trying to convince you at this point, though. You’re free to hold that view and there are even other Christians that would agree with you, but I don’t.

      As followers of God, we obey him regardless of how we may feel about it. Trust God, there’s always a good reason behind it and I’ve outlined the causes in this article.

      This article and website is primarily for spiritual minded believers in Christ. I don’t expect people like yourself to get it, but hopefully down the line God will reveal it to you. He loves you very much, by the way. He took the penalty you deserved so that you could have power over sin and become holy as he is allowing you loving fellowship with him for all eternity in paradise.

      I used the company position structure as an example. And I would add that not everyone is CEO, or manager material. Some people are leaders and some are not. We all must fit into our positions. God made man as the leader of his household, and he created woman as a support to help him fulfill the goals God had for him.

      Back to the submission thing: My wife submits to me, but I submit to Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ submits to his Father. I can never advance and become the Lord of Lord and King of Kings, neither can Jesus become his Father, God Almighty.

      If Jesus was to disobey his Father, if I was to disobey Jesus, and if my wife was to disobey me, there would be chaos. This is why we’re commanded to stay in our positions. An even better example is how the military is structured from private to general.

      There is an enemy called Satan who wants to thwart the plans of God by getting the woman to usurp authority over her husband or in the church. When this happens, the plans of God through men can be delayed or destroyed. This is why people feel this way about this topic as you do, Satan is convincing women and men to get out of order so that he can disrupt the plans of God.

      That’s all I got to say on this. May the Lord draw you near to him in love and understanding.

      1. I agree with you Neal…you have spoken G*D’s Truth. I loved this article…so well written. Comments are well answered. Bless you, and Bless each person who participates in this conversation. May your eyes be opened…and know that Yeshua (Jesus) Messiah loves you.

  3. God existed…God Created…God made Angels with different roles and job duties. However there was one Angel who did not like his role of job duty and thought he could usurp God and take on God’s role. This caused chaos and war in Heaven. Satan’s sin was trying to usurp authority and had pride thinking he could take on God’s authority. This is the same sin that supposed God-fearing, bible believing Christian women are making. So when these supposed Christian women usurp authority that God ordained to men for the purpose of order they they cease to be bible believing Christians as they show by taking on the authority of pastorship that they do not believe in what God has written down for our instruction in our roles and responsibility. With that being said the early Church flourished especially Paul’s ministry. Paul was able to preach the Gospel and spread the word on the account of at least 16 women who has ministered and helped him along the way. Some Christian women say that Paul was a sexist…but Paul was one of the only Apostles who have commended not one or two but at least 16 women who were crucial in their service to him and their husbands and their Church. And the Church Flourished. Here in my hometown I attended a Church that was led by a male pastor and this Church ministered to a lot of people. It was thriving. Then the pastor died and after a year of grieving his wife then assumed the role of Pastor. She started teaching things differently contrary to what her husband and the bible taught. This church went from 400 members to about 50 in a month. Over time it grew to 200-250 members. Then decreased again and now the church is no longer there and has closed. There was confusion. The woman pastor started assigning pastorship to other women there was no order, went from a book by book verse by verse preaching by male pastor to more inspirational talks than scriptures. I have never seen a church destroyed inside out like that before. Also Rhonda is a female and she has minsitered to me and taught me more about the Bible by encouraging me to read and study and bought me study guides and commentaries and greek/Hebrew key word studies. I owe much of where I am in my spiritual walk today to her. But not once did she try to assume spiritual authority or leadership over me but rather helped and guided me to tools and resource to where I can learn. Let me tell you about Rhonda she was a female pastor at a local church at one time. But after much study and prayer she felt led by God’s word that being a pastor was not her place. Only problem was there was no male pastors at her church. Her husband was in seminary and she told him that she believes that he should take over and lead the church. When I heard her story i was amazed. But her words are,”Once I stepped down and submitted to my Husband and allowed him to lead the Church I felt so much peace and I can honestly say that I truly feel blessed.” So to wrap this up….women pastors are about as absurd as a blender saying it can be a toaster despite what it was designed to do.

  4. Very well put together!! I enjoyed reading this information and I pray it reaches masses of people that need this knowledge and education in the word of god. Keep the faith and please reach as many people as possible with truth, so people can be zealous for god in truth as today many are zealous, but without knowledge so the zeal is not reaching god. People do not really understand being a good person and calling on the name of jesus is not enough. The one thing missing from this equation is the voice of god. Precept rev 14:12…romans 3:31. We must know and honor god’s laws and have faith in jesus christ (two parts) in our faith and practice. We must believe in jesus according to the scriptures(john 7:38).

  5. There are many great women leaders in the world today, and God allowed them to be so because they have the political mandate. This only means that God provides equal opportunity to men and women when it comes to leadership, but spiritually, the authority of God over family and the family of believers has always remained through the same channel, which is from God to man down to the wife then to the children. The church is a big family of believers composed of many small families, thus putting a woman pastor to run the church will deviate from God’s order, and equally worse is when the woman takes up the role of the man as the father to their children. God blesses those who follow His order, and for starters, when we disobey God we are depriving ourselves of its spiritual fruits which are love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control, and of course if you have these, material blessing comes next. Chaos is the exact opposite.

    1. “There are many great women leaders in the world today, and God allowed them to be so because they have the political mandate. This only means that God provides equal opportunity to men and women when it comes to leadership”

      but men can also be political leaders … in fact most political leaders are men. It is not like men are restricted from being political leaders to make up for the fact that women are restricted from being leaders in the family and spiritually. If this was the case you could make a claim for the world being balanced and equal but it is just is not that way at all.

      Christians state they believe men and women are equal just with different roles but those roles always end up being men are the leaders and can do as they like and women are followers. Those two roles aren’t at all equal so the equality Christians speak of is nothing more than lip service because they can no longer claim men are superior to women without it being questioned.

      The only way for Christian women to actually be equal to men is for them to avoid going to churches (unless there is such a thing as a female only church in which case women would actually be leaders) and avoid marriage.

      The bible … written by men, for men, to keep men in power. It is shame some men refuse to see women as their actual equals and instead just want to make sure men stay up the top of the hierarchy.

  6. Word Origin and History for sexist Expand
    “1965” , from sex (n.) on model of racist, coined by Pauline M. Leet, director of special programs at Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, U.S., in a speech which was circulated in mimeograph among feminists. Popularized by use in print in Caroline Bird’s introduction to “Born Female” (1968).
    Modern stuff a

    How was a woman made and what role does she? Once done..
    If thats the case then what are the primary roles of a man. If this is not known what about the animal kingdom or nature, what role is played by a goose or doe or a lioness.
    Breast have make milk do they not. Or would you have the man feed the child by suckling.
    Equal roles right, better yet what about childbirth.
    A man cannot do these things as it is not possible. Modern society has its place. So take away all the buildings. Like oneself was in Africa. Are you going to hunt when full with child. Are not women weaker.
    Are the genitalia of men out ward and a woman inward.
    This not sexist this nature or natural.
    This guy got it right. I was taught by a female who got it wrong actually 3 females.
    If i wrote down the consequences of there actions you would be horrified.
    Please be grateful for this is on point. I only figured this out later

    I feel tired, so i drank coffee. Now i feel awake. The word would be manipulation.
    Not feeling but rules obeying what was wrote accurately (else you cannot be classed as christian.)

    Lastly. Noah and what happened to his wife at the time of the flood. (she inherited the same as he)
    lot and what happened to his wife during the escape of sodom and gom. (turned to salt)
    Eve when perfect what happened to her when not taking Gd advice seriously.

    There has been many before us learn from them as those same people while under persecution said these (now) times are hard.
    Sorry for the perverseness of my writings please pray for me.

  7. this is the same sin that God-fearing bible beliving CHRISTIAN’S women’s are making. PRAISE GOD, The RETURN OF THE LORD IS NOW!! MASSES OF BIBLE BELIEVED CHRISTIAN PEOPLE NEED THIS KNOWLEDGE!!!

  8. The whole issue with this is ones mindset. Example there was a time when ethics groups were not allowed to go certain places, hold certain position, and so on.. Society accepted theses rules mainily because it was the norm for hundreds of years. In the biblical sense, god gave instructions on how believers were to have order and directions in all matters. As husbands, wives, children and each role of the church. We must separate the church/world and realize each do business their own way. If you take the word woman out of the conversation and replace it with liar, murderer, whore monger, any words associated with sin. You wouldn’t even have this discussion, meaning you poll one hundred believers (key word believer) and ask if they would set under the leadership of a pastor who is a murderer, liar, etc.. We can’t take gods word and change his order to fit the world.

  9. Thank you for this. I felt insulted when the private school we want my daughter to attend insists that only boys lead the chapel services. I’ve learned to fight that sick, bitter feeling with time away from the situation and then following up with research. Your explanation is clear, simple, and heartening. The bitter feeling is gone. Most Southern Baptist and Church of Christ men I know FEEL this way (women are cherished, equal, and important) but can’t EXPLAIN it very well. Thank you again. Also, thanks for explaining “silent and meek”. This was always a bitter pill to swallow, but much easier now that I know the true context.

  10. Ephesians 5:20 says to be submit to eachother out of reverence for Christ… In Genesis 21:12 God Himself tells Abraham to do whatever Sarah said bc her decision was best for His purpose to come to pass… & Christ tells the ppl that God would make the rocks cry out if He told His disciples to stop praising Him… Plus He says that God can raise up children for Abraham from the stones… So, if God would do that… & in this world today where so many men are running from their calling, why wouldn’t God empower a woman to preach His word? In the Book of Joel God says He will poor out His Spirit on women & men… & Paul qouted that verse… & I know y’all are familiar with Deborah right? I really think if we’d stop having a complex & really learn the context… The world would be a better place. After all… God did say that His thoughts & ways are not ours… & they are higher than ours… & we don’t know what God speaks to another person. Let’s all do our part & stop focusing on someone else’s… I love you all & have a blessed day!!!

    1. Women can preach the word, no one has a problem with that. The issue is when they take the position of PASTOR in the church of God — this is what is prohibited by God.

  11. This makes sense, yet I’m wondering what exactly is the case for an UNMARRIED WOMAN. This scripture very much so is about the WIFE.. yet I understand the order of God, the husband, and the wife. Just interested in knowing the truth about the single woman who lives by God’s Spirit and in submission to Him.

    1. Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer [tolerate] not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression. (1 Timothy 2:11-14)

      India, I believe the above scripture is clear. Here, in this case, “Woman” is used and not “Wife”. If a single woman is pastoring/teaching a church with men in it, then she’s out of the will of God.

    2. India…if you do not have an earthly husband, is not Messiah your husband? So then, submit to HIM. My husband has not accepted his Salvation. I submit to Messiah as The Head, and my husband as the man of the house.

  12. This is a very enlightening discussion. I am struck by the people that wish to put THEIR wills and desires BEFORE those of God, as revealed in His Word. An excellent book on this is ‘Spiritual Man’ by Watchman Nee. It explains body, soul and spirit very well. Those that place THEIR thoughts and feelings in front of The Word are soulically-led rather than spiritually-led. This is not a good thing…ONLY through the Spirit may we communicate with God. NEALREAL’s comments are precisely correct…by the way…is the foot inferior to the eye? We are all to be a part of one body.

  13. I personally have had experience with women pastor in the church. They were like lost sheep without a shepherd. They were cruel and rude. Their words were like a sharp blazing knifes and left me with many scar. When you hear a woman preach she is preaching basic on emotion and not the spirit of God. For this reason I chose not join anymore churches and started being the church.

    Women preacher do not realize they are under the authority of Satan. Although they mean to do good they are destroying the paths for many. Have we forgotten that Satan deceive Eve first? If he could deceive just one woman, what make you think you won’t deceive a thousand more?!

    I have done a lot of research on women from the bible trying to understand why God want ladies meek and quiet. It something about quietness of woman she fear God and she obey God! Her husband can be please with her and continue to be bless by God and her husband. You’ll be surprise what you can have by living a quiet life ladies.

    I once was a believer in women preacher too! But after nights of praying God open my eyes and began to see the enemies of God everywhere!! It took me a while to realize that we are left in the hands of Satan!!! Only those who truly believe and obey the commandments of our Lord and Savior are the one who are protected and their are faith sealed. Those of who disagree with this man of God I advise you not too! Don’t let Satan fool you!!! The words of God is clear, repent you and be restored in Jesus name!

    Jesus told us to beware of false teachers and that many will raise prophecy in his name. Little did I know it will be partly men and mostly the women! It all make sense now, without order there is chaos just as this man mention! If women will not listen man then they will listen to Devil himself! Only the Devil give you what give you what want, but there a price that you have to paid and that price is your soul!

    The church I went to that had two women as pastor told me I don’t need to know anything about the Devil. That sound like Satan to me! Why? Because satan don’t want you to know that he is the bad guy!!! He want you to think he is God! Which bring me the question. Are you serving the right God? How can you be sure? I tell you brother and sister a lot of us human are going to hell because they are serving the wrong God! While there’s still blood running in your veins, get right back in order and enjoy being the woman that God made you to be for your man. Leave the preaching to man and if he refuse to preach the gospel then you let God deal with him, you do not take upon yourself to fit a shoe that does not fit. You only doors for Satan when disobey God.

  14. Neal, I rarelly see an article and comments so clear at this subject. God, who created the Heavens and the Earth, may bless you brother.

    The key point in understanding of this subject is here :

    Samuel 15:22New International Version (NIV)
    22 But Samuel replied:
    “Does the Lord delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices
    as much as in obeying the Lord?
    To obey is better than sacrifice,
    and to heed is better than the fat of rams.”

    From the people comments I could see the frustrations that the things are not in the way they expected to be. They have false expectation about these things not the right ones. In the same time they are not ready to change their life bases on the Word of God but rather they try to change the Word of God to match their life.

    Brother, at the end of the day you did your job and you told the truth. Not everybody has years to hear. But the ones who does will understand for sure.

    God bless you brother.
    Adrian C.

  15. Replace “women” and “woman” with “black” or “african” American and see how you feel…think about if you would support a system that promoted that kind of discrimination. What would happen if you weren’t allowed to exercise your gifts and had to try to be something you weren’t to “fit in”. I’ve done it. It feels horrible. I refuse to believe that living this kind of lie is “God’s will” for my life. Stuffing myself into these manmade expectations was literally killing me. “Thank God I’m free at last” from all that–I’m no longer a slave and can finally say I feel free.

    Some folks, many present company included, no doubt still do use the Bible to justify slavery though–and most thinking people reject those ideas regardless of what the Bible SEEMS to say on the subject. I’m sorry, but the ideas expressed in this article are just sickening and all the “AMEN’s” come across to me as a Klanish-type code word would to other marginalized groups. To call it “Christian” is as much of an affront as the Klan burning crosses. The biggest problem I have with this ideology is that it is not “harmless” and without victims. Women and girls throughout the world, including the United States, are harmed (devalued) by this all too prevalent bias (whether it’s stated or just used to quietly discriminate)–from the classroom to the board room.

    And it’s ultimately harming the church on countless levels–I would enumerate some but I don’t want to take much time on this because you don’t seem to be seriously considering alternative views but rather starting from a place to justify your bias. If your REAL god wasn’t a lust for power, you could clearly see that and all those “biblical” ideas would fall into the context of the time/place they were written. They would be dismissed and shrink back to the dark times and places where women and other people were treated as property and little better animals, where their contributions were limited because of this maltreatment (e.g., lack of education, control and other opportunities) not because they don’t have the equal inherent capacity as God gifted them.

    1. Donna, do what you will, but you’ve been warned. God prohibiting women from pastoring his flock is simply his ordained order and not oppression of women and certainly not anything related to racism. Only the most rebellious feel and claim that God’s gender roles are some kind of oppression!

  16. This is an excellent blog; I’m in total agreement. God has a reason for everything He does and I think you brought out very nicely His reasoning for women not to be pastors. People can try to justify this all they want but Scripture is very clear on this. Again, great post! Oh and btw, blessed to see you use the KJB, something that is becoming almost nonexistent in this age of Bible versions.

  17. Comments are now closed. Both sides have made their point and there’s no need to “discuss” this anymore here. Feel free to do it elsewhere. This is certainly a controversial topic, but I’ve written what the Lord had me to write and I’m at peace. Whatever the opposition wants to do with their lives regarding this topic is on them.

    It’s funny how folks want to say you have a misinterpretation when they simply don’t want to accept what they’re hearing. There’s a lot of rebellious Christian men and women out here.

    Some of you all’s comments were removed because they were either irrelevant, redundant, off-topic and plain ol’ disrespect. You can’t name-call just because you don’t agree.

    In the end of all of this, God’s kingdom wins.

  18. This comment was submitted by Radford Rabe: “About women becoming pastors. I totally agree with you. But there is one more area that has not been really looked at by many of those who are not for women being pastors. And the area is in Ephesians chapter 5 about marriage. Marriage has to do with the Church being the Bride and Christ being the Groom. You see every Sunday when I go to church I see the picture of Jesus the Groom and the Church the Bride. Someday there will be a wedding in heaven and Christ will be the Groom with his Church and there will be a wonderful union between the two. Here’s my point: The Pastor who is to be a man or male, he represents Christ the Groom, and the congregation represents the Bride, the woman. Every Sunday God allows his church to see this future event that will take place soon. But if we allow a Woman to stand in Church as Pastor, and stand before the congregation who represents the Bride, the woman. What do we have? SAME SEX MARRIAGE, AN ABOMINATION BEFORE GOD. Thanks for allowing me to share.”