Many white and black Americans don’t understand what racism is. This is an overview of a new series on the subject from a biblical perspective.

This is a follow-up message to the Why I believe black people are the Israelites article written a while back. Here, I wanted to go a little deeper into the other side of the coin. In my initial article, I criticized certain sects of Black Hebrew Israelites who preached legalism and excluded white people from salvation. But I agreed with them that the so-called black men and women in America are the scattered Israelites of the bible. Now I want to talk about racism, specifically white racism.

I named this series the Secret of Racism because most folks in America, both whites and blacks, don’t really understand what racism is. Racism’s true understanding is purposely hidden and confused by the media. The misunderstanding of racism keeps a divide between whites and blacks. The misunderstanding of racism will always have both sides questioning each other’s behavior. The misunderstanding of racism will maintain the prejudice among both sides. The misunderstanding of racism ultimately will have you confused about the world.

In this series, I’ll discuss the secret of racism and what to do about it. Here, in this part, I will provide an overview of what I will be sharing. The goal is to expound on each statement in the following posts. To white people: prepare yourself, some of you will be offended.

Racism is about power.

Racism is the idea that white people are supreme and above all colored people. You cannot mention racism without mentioning white supremacy—they go together. White Supremacy is the power to express arrogance, bigotry and prejudice in destructive ways towards other non-white individuals and/or entire nations. White supremacy is not a bunch of skinheads wearing swastikas, yelling, “white power!” That is an overt form of white supremacy, but just a small branch of it. No, white supremacy permeates all forms of society and is very subtle.

I want to make clear that there is no such thing as a “black racist” or a “black supremacist.” While non-white people can express bigotry, and prejudice in destructive ways, they can’t affect a large enough group on the scale that white supremacy can. Non-white people do not reign supreme in this world. Supreme only means “one” and the white elite are the only ones running the world right now.

In every state in America, there are cities with ghettos. Who do you see in those ghettos? Black people. In every area on the planet, no matter the country, where there are white supremacists, the majority of the non-white people are in poverty, downtrodden, mistreated and disenfranchised. This is the power of white supremacy.

If you think that these non-white people did this to themselves, you have a misunderstanding of racism. There’s enough resources in the world for everyone to live comfortably. When there is not enough resources, it’s a clear sign that someone is hoarding and controlling them.

White supremacy says, “I have to have more than you. I’m better than you. You’re below me and I get to treat you however I want. I’m in control. I’m supreme.” White supremacy is a god-like, arrogant mindset direct from Satan. Not every white person practices white supremacy, but most white people benefit from it.

Racism is a global system.

Racism is a global system designed to keep the white elite in power and the rest of the people of the world disempowered (this includes other whites), but especially the Israelites (the so-called negroes or blacks) and the followers of Jesus Christ. The white elite are the latest group of people Satan is using to mold the world into his image and fully control it. You can call them white supremacists, Zionists Jews, the Illuminati or the Masons. This organization has many levels and names, but its goal is the same—world domination. Here are a few of its systems:

  • Chattel slavery.
  • Jim Crow laws.
  • Planned Parenthood, sterilization, vaccination.
  • Ku Klux Klan / The Police.
  • Integration.
  • The War on Drugs and the Prison Industrial Complex.
  • Miseducation in public schools.
  • The learning disability program.
  • Harassment, mistreatment and discrimination in all areas of society.
  • Catholic Christianity.
  • The Media: TV, Radio, Music, Movies and Entertainment.

Racism was started by Satan, of course.

Why does racism emphasis white over everyone else? Why is Satan using certain white people to dominate the planet and categorize people by the color of their skin? Did God make white-skinned people? Where did white skin originate?

First we need to understand that white skin is a genetic deficiency. White skin is simply albinism: a lack of melanin in the skin. White skin is not normal.

Some groups believe white people were made in a lab, or they’re the offspring of fallen angels, or that they’re aliens from another planet. Some believe they are the children of Esau. Some people believe that white people could be the offspring of Gehazi who was cursed with leprosy, which turned his skin and all his descendants skin white as snow—about this I’m not certain (please reference 2 Kings 5:27 for more).

Currently, I believe white people are nothing more than albino people who may have been rejected from their normally brown-skinned communities because of their skin defect, who then moved to cooler parts of the planet to get away from the skin-damaging sun, and who continued to breed among their own kind to form the white-skinned nations that we have today. Any additional color in white skin is due to the mixing of white-skinned people with brown skin people.

Is albinism from God? I don’t believe so. It’s a defect as a result of a sinful planet. This defect can be found throughout nature. Every now and then you’ll find an animal that was born without pigmentation. That animal usually dies early having not the proper coating to survive in its environment.

The lie that white skin is cold-adaption is just a complicated way of covering up white folks’ humble origins. Skin color changing to adjust to the earth’s various climates is false because there are many brown-skinned nations in colder regions of the earth whose skin hasn’t changed to adapt to the cold—think about the Eskimos and the Native Americans. These false scientific teachings derive from the theory of evolution and the teachings of Charles Darwin who believed the idea of white supremacy.

With all that said, Satan then came to this minority of people (which is still a minority today, making up only one-tenth of the population of the world) and convinced them that their white skin was a blessing and something of superiority. White skin is not normal, but Satan always uplifts the abnormal and downgrades the normal. Satan often goes after the rejected, the isolated, and the minority to use for his wicked purposes—he always has.

The white elites slowly gained control and power with the help of Satan. The white elitists weapon is mainly witchcraft (deception and manipulation) for the purpose of control and domination. Later on, the idea of white supremacy was entered into science, social and religious teachings as normalcy. Examples can be found in Darwinism, among the early teachings of the Mormons, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, early Popes of Catholicism, the Talmudic writings of the Ashkenazi Zionist Jews and other religions.

White supremacy continues to be propagated throughout the media 24/7/365. White supremacy affects all areas of life. Whites and non-whites view themselves in certain ways because they believe the propaganda from the racist elite owners of the media and from what they were taught from their upbringing.

Why doesn’t mainstream Christianity talk about Racism?

With all that said, why doesn’t the Church talk about this? Why are many of the supposed churches of God segmented by color? Here on this blog we’ve already established that mainstream American Christianity have perverted the teachings of Jesus and mixed them with the paganism of Rome. Christianity today is a false religion and therefore it would be affected by the system of white supremacy. Even if the church does discuss racism, as one did annually in a Detroit multicultural church I was a member of years ago, it will be surely misunderstood and certainly no real solutions will be provided.

The reason why white Christians don’t want to deal with racial injustice is because they benefit from it. The thought of acknowledging that their family’s wealth and early opportunities came from the backs of blacks, or that the current systems that operate today keep whites in a better position than everyone else is something they don’t want to deal with. To deal with it is to start thinking about justice and true justice will always lead to recompense—the greatest fear would be monetary recompense.

What if the U.S. government decided to pay reparations to the descendants of black slaves? Or even better, any black person who has been mistreated by the system of white supremacy? Where will that money come from? Probably from the wages of white folks. No white person really wants another tax coming out of their check especially when they feel they aren’t directly responsible.

Where is a just God in the midst of all of this?

If you’ve read the book of Job, you understand that Satan is in the pawn of God’s hand. There’s nothing Satan and his demons can do that God doesn’t allow. Therefore white supremacy is allowed by God for a reason. As I alluded to before, racism is the judgement of God to the people of Israel mostly. But to the rest of the people who suffer from it, it’s judgment to them as well, but also a humbling tool. Humility draws God to man and suffering draws man to God. If everything was peachy-clean in this world, there would be no need to reach out to God for righteousness and justice, so he allows evil to reign for a short period of time.

What is God doing now? He’s watching it all. He’s waiting to see if white folks will choose to practice white supremacy or walk in humility, honesty, justice and righteousness. He’s waiting to see if the black man will walk in humility, honesty, forgiveness and righteousness. Only when we collectively turn to God in love, unity and righteousness will God step in and save us all from this tyranny of white supremacy.

Can man save himself from white supremacy? Yes, but another form of elitism would spring up. Man is sinful and proud, and without the indwelling of the Spirit of God he will always repeat the same mistakes.

What can we individually do about racism now?

  • Stop believing the lies coming from arrogant albinos.
  • Re-educate ourselves about who we really are.
  • Learn and avoid the tricks of the system of racism designed to ensnare us.
  • Repent of sin, especially pride and deception.
  • Learn the ways of the true biblical Jesus.
  • Pursue the true God and his kingdom.
  • Go to Jesus to be healed from the wounds of white supremacy.
  • Be filled with the Spirit of God.
  • Unify among all followers of Jesus no matter the color of your skin.
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This ministry is no longer in service. I left the Christian faith and no longer agree with some of the content posted here. However, this website will remain available for archive purposes. Read the details in my last post.