The domination of women in society has resulted in child-like girly guys. Here are five tactics women use to take the authority of their leaders.

Last time we talked about the roles of men and women, why women desire leadership rather than submission to their husbands (or any man for that matter), and why men listen to women rather than God.

Note: This series is for godly men and women who want to please the Lord and live the way he intended. If you haven’t already, please read the preceding articles in this series before continuing here.

Coupling a woman’s innate desire to rule with males who don’t understand their creation role, and the enemy begins to teach women how to take over. As I said before, once ladies are leading, and men are following, Satan can defeat the entire marriage, family, and society. Here’s how women have taken the authority of men:

1. Nagging and arguing

If a woman is persistent in asking her husband for something, while he may deny her the first few times, eventually he’ll give in.

For men who are adamant about their decision to say, “No,” women will try to weaken his reasoning through debate. Most men would rather have peace than warfare, so they eventually give in.

She starts with minor requests until she’s making major decisions through her husband. The man can’t make a decision without thinking about his wife nagging or debating him, so to avoid that, he makes sure she approves all his decisions. Now he’s no longer the head, but she is.

2. Withholding sex and intimacy

Withholding sex from your spouse is a sin (1 Corinthians 7:3-5), but some women do it as punishment for disagreeing with them. Next time the man’s about to make a decision that could conflict with his wife’s, he thinks twice.

Some husbands were already slaves to sex before marriage, and it was sex that wooed him into marrying her in the first place. Usually, these kinds of women are gorgeous, everything the man ever dreamed of, and now that he has her, he doesn’t want to lose his rights to sexual intimacy with her.

While sex may be restricted, she often goes a step further by limiting physical touch, and anything else that would lead to intimacy until she get’s what she wants. If a man falls for this, he’s lost his authority, is controlled by lust, and his wife is the leader of the home.

3. Second-guessing his every decision

This is a powerful tactic. Every time the man’s about to make a decision, his wife interjects with how it will fail. It’s not an argument, but a subtle reminder that she’s wiser, and should be leading the household.

If the husband makes a mistake (because he’s human), he’s belittled and treated like a complete idiot. He’s virtually condemned and labeled by his wife as incapable of leadership. The discovery of his mistakes ends in a volcanic eruption as the wife completely tears him down.

She uses his failures to reiterate why she should be the head of the home. Repeated treatment like this and the man becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy consistently making bad decisions; but it’s not because he’s irresponsible, it’s because he’s been spiritually abused, which leads him to second-guess himself.

That spirit in his wife floods his mind and nags him to death about his incapability. He used to have logic and clarity, but now there’s another voice mixing everything up. He’s become indecisive and scrambled, and his mistakes are the evidence.

After repeated degrading, unforgiveness, and a long record of failures his wife won’t let him forget, he hands the wheel to her and says to himself, “I’m stupid, I really can’t make decisions, she’s the boss now.” What he doesn’t realize is she made him that way; she was undermining him the whole time.

This picture of irresponsible men is showcased throughout sitcoms today: the husband is dumb and the wife, smart and rational—and we all laugh—but this is insidious witchcraft at its finest.

4. Disapproval and disrespect

The rejection was bad when he was single, he doesn’t want to experience it now that he’s married. Every husband wants to get along with his wife. Husbands don’t want to be shunned by their own flesh. Many women use this to their advantage.

If the husband doesn’t obey the wishes of his wife, he’s labeled the “bad guy.” She may even get his children to join the condemnation of daddy because he didn’t do what mommy said.

Along with disapproval, the wife becomes disrespectful often dishonoring him in front of the company because he doesn’t agree with her. She mistreats him until he changes his mind.

Husbands want to be liked by everyone in their household, so enough occasions of this, and the man gets the picture. He gives in to the demands of the wife at the expense of his authority, and she now runs the household.

5. Using the system to punish

These tactics are reserved to the vilest of women; these are usually issued as punishment for the man not bowing to her desires. These kinds of penalties are designed to weaken a man for future women. Next time he resists another woman who tries to dominate and control him, he’ll think about what the last one did to him.

These Jezebels will falsely cry sexual harassment, abuse, and rape sending the man into all kinds of grief and legal issues. Divorce is often used against men who refuse to submit because the women know the system works in her favor.

He loses custody of his children, barely gets to see them, and when he does, their hearts have been turned against him by their vindictive mother. And it’s all designed to make him conform to the next Jezebel-control-freak he encounters.

Meme author unknown: “The goal of feminism in a nutshell.”

7 signs of an emasculated man

Just look at American society today, most of the men are ruled by their wives or girlfriends. They don’t have the final say, and they’re like teenage boys getting permission from their mothers.

Most of it’s pre-programming. Boys have watched their fathers get dogged by their mothers, and decided the best way to avoid abuse is just to do what the woman says.

Men today don’t even put up a fight, and they warn other men to submit as well. Young men are taught by elders to agree with the wife even if he did nothing wrong. “Just take the blame so that you can avoid the repercussions,” they counsel.

We’ve all heard the saying, “If she’s not happy, no one’s happy.” We’ve also seen men relegated to sleeping on the couch as punishment (in their own homes they pay the bills on) for disagreeing with their wives.

It’s almost a sin to mention a man leading his household today because society has been flipped, but there are still a few couples who maintain their proper roles; but not without persecution. The godly husband is falsely vilified as a control freak, and the godly wife, a lady in bondage that needs to rise and free herself.

Rebellious women disdain submitted wives. The minds of these wonder women are so perverted they look at submission to a man as complete humiliation, but strangely have no problem following the orders of another woman.

God’s ordained positions are entirely foreign to their minds, and the men have gone along with it. If you ask these men why they put up with it, they’ll say, “She’s too strong.” And he’s right, but he’s not wrestling with a woman, rather a demon in her (Ephesians 6:12). The man is in bondage to Satan, and only God can free him and his wife.

Here are a few signs a man has been emasculated. Please note that just because guys exhibits these behaviors doesn’t always mean they’ve been undermined:

1. Escapism: games, sports, and porn

He’s in his late twenties and still playing video games because only inside simulated reality can he be a leader. In the real world, he’s not allowed. Sports is another avenue males escape to as they live through their favorite team; because at home, their wives make all the plays. Then there’s pornography, an outlet where he can control the woman on the video using the pause, play, and rewind buttons. In real life, his girlfriend controls him.

2. Poor work ethics

These men don’t like working. They’ve become stay-at-home wives who watch talk shows all day and provide no support. Work is something they just don’t want to do because they’re too entrenched into entertainment. Plus, the woman is taking care of them and won’t hold them accountable. They grew up watching their mothers take care of lazy, emasculated boyfriends, and think they can do the same thing.

3. The woman is the center of his world

If a man seems to be doing everything his wife wants to do; he’s her biggest cheerleader; his world revolves around her; and if he’s helping her achieve all her dreams, he’s been perverted because it should be the other way around. Yes, a man should support the endeavors of his wife, but as they complement his own. The man was given a purpose, and his wife should be helping him fulfill that. The man is the hub of the family, not the woman.

4. His wife is the co-pastor

I don’t need to elaborate on this. I published two articles on this subject already: the real reason why God prohibits women pastors and five scriptures they use to justify the practice. Any pastor supporting women pastors or letting his wife co-pastor has been emasculated.

5. Children in rebellion

When children see mommy disrespecting daddy and being disobedient, they think they don’t have to respect and obey their parents. And, of course, the children grow up thinking the roles are supposed to be switched as they recreate another perverted marriage.

6. Homosexuality

When the domination and perversion get too deep for some men, they snap and fall into homosexuality where they become sexually attracted to men. These men usually end up receiving divorce papers by their domineering wives as she surprised with disgust; not knowing her oppression played a part in his change.

7. Metrosexuality

If not homosexuality, then metrosexuality. This term has lots of definitions, but the one that stuck out to me was a man that’s not gay, but not a man either. He’s in the middle. He’s suppressed the base in his voice, nothing is threatening about his presence. He’s safe.

Emasculation is not just about depriving a man his role as leader but destroying every element of masculinity; this is what I’ve witnessed in 90% of the white males I came across in corporate America.

It was confusing at first for me, their mannerisms and emotional actions would suggest they were gay, but they were still chasing women. They’d merely conformed to this new type of “man,” which most women only approve of today. I’m not singling out the white class; this phenomenon is going on in every class and nation within America.


Women, stop letting the devil use you. Men, stop submitting to the demons of the women in your lives.

Women, if you desire dominance over your husband or men in general, or if you hate masculinity, just know you’re under the inspiration of Satan. He hates your husband, boyfriend, all men, everyone made in the image of God; that includes you too.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (Ephesians 6:12)

If you’ve seen any of these behaviors in yourself, or others close to you, just know that God can fix it, but you, or they, must want real change and agree that the Creator never intended his creation to be this way. After that, all one needs to do is repent from the conduct, confess their sins, and Christ will begin the healing process.

Read the gospel for more and be empowered by the Spirit to walk in the image of God.

For the women, I’m not finished exposing all the damage Satan is doing to you, and through you, stay subscribed for the next article in this series. In the meantime, God is your protection and salvation.

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