In this sermon, we answer nine common questions survivors of Jezebel and narcissism have.

Many survivors of the Jezebel spirit are left with questions about the minds of their so-called spouses, friends, church leaders, and bosses; and God’s reasoning for letting them be victimized. This article will answer most of those questions. If you have more unanswered questions, email me or leave them in the comment section below.

1) Did they ever love me?

Were they ever my friend? Did they ever respect me? Answer: No. You were simply a means to an end—a source of supply, someone to use. They loved what you did for them but not you as a person.

2) Will they ever repent or change?

Answer: Most likely, not. Their behavior works for them even though they suffer loss. They’re too proud and insecure to repent and face themselves. Don’t hold your breath and save your prayers for true believers who are fighting every day to please God (John 17:9).

3) Do they know they’re hurting people?

Answer: Yes, but they don’t care. They have no empathy. Don’t be deceived into believing they’re unaware of their actions.

4) Do they think they’re normal?

Answer: No, they believe they’re “special,” their better than others, and the rules don’t apply to them.

5) How does the Ahab spirit fit into this?

Answer: The Ahab spirit is the person closes to the Jezebel who enables the narcissist to continue in their behavior. They know it’s wrong but they refuse to rebuke Jezebel because they’re either “codependent” or gaining some benefit from the relationship aside the abuse.

6) How could I have fallen for such a scam? I feel like a fool.

Answer: They exploited your weaknesses, needs, and desires. They intended to deceive you. No one is too savvy for deception. Shame on them. Forgive yourself and learn from your mistakes. Don’t feel like a fool.

7) Why do they get away with it?

Answer: Spiritual (also called emotional or mental abuse) is not physical and there are no police or laws for such things. Many cultures aren’t aware of this kind of abuse.

While it seems as if they win, they will be brought to justice. God sees all and there’s a record in heaven. They will be punished.

8) Why did God allow this to happen to me?

Answer: To expose your weaknesses and need for God’s repair and strength. The narc exposed that you:

  • didnt value yourself enough
  • didn’t have strong barriers
  • didn’t understand emotional abuse
  • have a strong need to belong and have friends—which you lack
  • childhood trauma that’s holding you back
  • have a scarcity mindset
  • erroneous religious beliefs

9) Why does God allow bad people like this to exist?

Answer: Freewill. People like this draws us to God’s kingdom of love while contrasting the dsyfunction of Satan’s world.

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