Beware: these five behaviors will be present in the narcissist Jezebel spirit. Don’t overlook them.

In this sermon, we expose the top five behavior patterns of a narcissist Jezebel spirit. To add to the last sermon, narcissists need to get validation from the attention of others whether it be positive or negative. Therefore, making you feel bad makes them feel good.

Also, they view kindness for weakness. They find kindness to be contemptible. Even more revealing, if they’re caught in their sins, they may feel shame, but never guilt. They’re simply consumed with their image and hate that it could be tarnished by the exposure. They don’t feel guilt or remorse for their actions.

There are two kinds of narcissists: the overt and the covert. The covert masks their behavior as much as possible, but is eventually exposed. The overt is usually in the open because they have a position of power over people and their abuse has to be tolerated.

Top 5 Bad Behavioral Traits

The following traits can be found in all narcissists without a doubt. If you come across someone with all five, there are a narcissist. They have the spirit of Jezebel.

  1. Proud
    1. Boastful
    2. Extremely sensitive to correction, criticizing
    3. Envious (secret haters)
    4. No respect for you time, needs, belongings, space, opinion, etc
  2. Pervasively Arrogant
    1. They devalue you to lift themselves up (superiority complex)
    2. They prank you to humiliate you
    3. They make jokes at your expense
  3. No empathy
    Empathy is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within their frame of reference, that is, the capacity to place oneself in another’s position. 
  4. Must be validated, praised and admired
    1. They tend to extract praise
    2. Must be center of attention.
    3. Constantly seeking validation from others (they don’t have it from themselves or God)
  5. Manipulative (Controlling and domineering). They force their will on to you, directly or indirectly.

Other Behavioral Traits

Many people have one or more of these traits but it doesn’t mean they have the Jezebel Spirit, but some of these bad behaviors are present in narcissists.

  1. Intimidating
  2. Lying and deception
  3. False humility
  4. Entitlement
    • Become impatient or angry when they don’t receive special treatment
  5. Everyone else is the problem or has a problem
    • Note: This could be rooted in envy or a diversion away from their own wickedness
  6. Fake personality
    • Mask changing: they seem to be different to different people
    • They wear a facade public: those closes to them know who they are but everyone outside is fooled
    • At the start of the relationship there were very nice and then they became evil
  7. Fake love
    • They say they love you, but their love is painful, demeaning, devaluing etc.
    • Note: Always judge them by their actions, not their words and know what agape love is
  8. Vain
    • care too much about surface things rather than deeper things of life
    • Emphasis on diamond rings rather than character
  9. Delusions of grandeur
    • They say things like, “I’m the finest thing on the planet… everyone wants me… I’m the best and better than everyone else.”
  10. Projectors
    • They project their weaknesses, insecurities, bad ideas, and wrong doings on to others. Examples: envy, infidelity, adultery, murder plots. They say things like: “you’re slow, fat, sick, weak, vulnerable… etc.”
  11. Self-centered
  12. They love things and use people
  13. Non reciprocal, one sided relationship 
    • They pretend the care when you share, but the focus redirects back to them
    • You meet their needs, but your needs go unmet
  14. Manipulative
    • They take advantage of others to get what they want
    • Your never enough and never good enough
    • Sees people as resources
  15. Have significant interpersonal problems
    • There friends and relationships are like a revolving door
    • They talk about how everyone leaves them in life
  16. Easily feel slighted (everyone is offending them)
  17. They will punish you for saying “NO”
  18. Victim-hood (women)
    • Always telling their sob story of someone wronging them
    • Repeating the same story of abuse
  19. Act like children
    • Angered when they don’t get what they want
    • Have difficulty regulating emotions and behavior
    • Experience major problems dealing with stress and adapting to change
    • Easily angered, quick to wrath
    • Unseemly behavior (public or private)

When you confront their behavior

When you confront their behavior, the following things will most likely happen. If so, it may be an indication the person you’re dealing with has the spirit of Jezebel.

  1. Blame shifting and false accusation
  2. Refusal to take responsibility
  3. Can’t be corrected or held accountable
  4. They punish you for standing up for yourself
  5. Vindictive (get revenge) 
  6. Back stabbing smear campaign
  7. Passive aggressive
  8. Silent treatment
  9. Ghosting
  10. Insincere apology (sorry you’re so sensitive, sorry you feel that way)

How they make you feel

During and after the relationship, you may feel the following, if so, you’re probably dealing with a Jezebel spirit. Even if not, this is toxic behavior and shouldn’t be tolerated. Healthy relationships shouldn’t make you feel like the following:

  1. Small, weak, helplessness
  2. dehumanized, humiliation
  3. Feel exploited, you feel used and abused
  4. Disrespected and devalued
  5. Anger
  6. Depressed
  7. Lost of confidence
  8. Lost of self (as a man)
  9. Reality altering and confusion
    • Second guessing one’s self, doubting yourself
    • Their communication make you feel unsure of yourself
  10. Tiredness: You feel drained after dealing with them ()
  11. They take away your peace
  12. Stress: You feel like a weight on you
  13. Lonely
  14. You feel a bubbling in your stomach when they come on the scene
  15. You feel you have to rationalize their bad behavior
  16. Feeling sick, anxious, and sad when around them

For more information on narcissism, see my Youtube playlist on the subject below:

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