This post is specifically directed towards leaders. Here, I list the characteristics of this spirit, attach a sermon by a pastor who speaks about it and link to other resources dealing with the Jezebel spirit.

After having to remove a person who was operating in the spirit of Jezebel with our fellowship, I decided to post some information about the Jezebel spirit.

The characteristics of this spirit are as follows:

  • Liars
  • Arrogant and demeaning
  • Controlling and manipulative
  • Boasts in their accomplishments and spiritual level
  • This spirit emphasizes how hard working and family oriented they are
  • It tries to put you in a position of servanthood to them
  • There is a spirit of fear that it makes you feel
  • It is unable to be corrected – fierce responses and accusations
  • Tries to contend with you in the flesh rather in the Spirit of God
  • It can be anywhere: in a fellowship, at work, anywhere there is a community
  • It can be in a man, woman or child
  • The Holy Spirit will warn you if you’re open to hear
  • Detect it by looking at the fruit rather than doctrine and good works

Video: Stop Tolerating Jezebel by Pastor Robert Morris

The second biblical account of Jezebel is found in Rev 2:20-23. Please consider the following video. This is the most comprehensive expose on the Jezebel spirit. A must watch. Very practical and useful information.

Video notes:

  • It trys to get you to defile yourself inwardly our outwardly to disqualify you for the leadership. The Jezebel spirit hates your fellowship and wants to see you destroyed.
  • People dread confronting Jezebel for fear of what they’ll get back. If you dread confronting someone in your fellowship (because of the harsh response or the cold rejection), it’s very possible there’s a spirit there.
  • This is a constant battle for people in authority. The jezebel will always try to attach itself to you. Looking to get favor with key people to move up and control.
  • Many people with the jezebel spirit where rejected by their father and have a dominant mother, not all, but many. There are so wounded that they don’t want to be rejected again so they control everyone.
  • The subtle ways a jezebel gets in is through a best friend. They will say, “I’m called to serve you, or to be your intercessory, or your armor bearer. ” They use flattery and call themselves your helper.

How to recognize it in a person:

  • Insecurity and rejection
  • Lies and Jealous (envious)
  • Pride and arrogance
  • Manipulation and control (especially through guilt)

Jezebel wants to do 3 things:

  • Steal your peace, joy and confidence
  • Kill you through sickness and accidents
  • Destroy you through depression and fear

8 ways to know if you’re being effected by a Jezebel spirit

  • Fear (it’s a spirit of fear operating, not a person) *
  • Isolation: When you want get away from everyone and be with yourself *
  • Exhaustion, can’t sleep, wanting rest
  • Depression (suicidal thoughts) *
  • Thoughts of quitting (giving up ministry or business)
  • Sexually impure thoughts rushing in *
  • Strange and prolonged sicknesses
  • Bizarre and near tragic/fatal accidents

How to pray about this spirit

Submit yourself to God, take authority over the enemy and rebuke the spirit. Know that the Jezebel spirit is not a strong spirit compared to God! Address spirits in God’s authority! In the name of Jesus!

Dealing with it at your congregation:

Get with God, seek counsel, take action. Address it in the person and remove him/her from all authority and from friendship, IF the don’t repent. If you don’t remove this spirit, Jesus said he will remove you and put someone else in your place. The spirit is holding up what you need to succeed, so get rid of it in Jesus’ name!

More information

Here’s more information on this spirit. However, don’t get too deep into these sites for the information can be overwhelming and quit negative (use caution and be led by the Spirit of God): God’s Healing, Part 4: Casting out Demons

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This ministry is no longer in service. I left the Christian faith and no longer agree with some of the content posted here. However, this website will remain available for archive purposes. Read the details in my last post.


  1. I truly believe demonic spirits influence non human actions. There is this person I”ve known since childhood that turns out to be a fake friend by stealing jewelry, money or important paperwork.
    She even is so sick & twisted that she even attaches spying & surveillance equipment by use of malicious software onto my & my family’s telephone services. She had to have previous & newJvvictims as she is totally obsessed & possessed by something not normal to most decent human characteristics.

  2. Expose the demons!! The Bible states their veil shall be removed & that God’s Children will finally be able to see them for the filthy, repugnant non humans that they are! It is starting to be reported that the Veil is failing!

  3. My name is Kay Grandgeorge, I am a wife of a Pastor. When my husband came to the Church were he serving at this time, he was divorced. Upon arriving he was approached by a church member, she wanted him to date her. He clearly told her he would not date her or any other within the church. She has been married and divorced four times. My husband and I met, dated, got engaged, was married in Oct. 2007. After returning from our honeymoon, I received a call from this woman, stating to me, she was very jealous, very envious of me because I took her man away from her. I clearly stated to her that David would not date you or any woman within the church, so I did not take away your man, because you never had him. This woman has told a few ladies within the church she was going to destroy me and make my life miserable. Well she has I promised.
    After my husband and I were married, we made a promise to each other, that he would not be alone with a female and I would not be alone with a male. Well back in June 2014, the phone calls started coming to my husbands cell phone, sometimes five times a day, wanting him to come over and jump her call off, she needed his help with other things. He went alone, without my permission. The phone calls kept coming. She attacked me verbally during a funeral luncheon for a member of our church family. Of course I walked away from her. What I really wanted to do was jump her ass. But being the person I am I walked away. Since June 2014 my life has been a living hell. She has started again pursuing my husband. Last Sunday she came in and sat by him during the Sunday School Assembly. I was sitting with my daughter and two grandchildren. She usually sits with other people .
    She has made my life a living hell and miserable. My husband and I have been fighting over this situtaion. He sees it differently than me. At this time I have stopped going to church. I start counseling tomorrow, on how to deal with situation. The church did not deal with properly and she got by with everything she did, by lying and twisting the truth, to make me like the bad guy. I have been very depressed, crying alot, I just do not know what to do ???? I have read and done a lot of research on The Jezebel Spirit and I believe 100% that is what I am dealing with…………….any advice would very much be appreciated. Sincerely, KG

    1. Dear Kay,
      I feel your pain. This is the spirit of jezebel and I know you want your husband by your side and this other woman out of your lives. Normally, I would pray against this spirit in agreement with you, as I’ve seen this spirit destroy marriages.

      But what if I told you that this man wasn’t your husband to begin with? What if the covenant you have with a previously divorced man is unlawful in God’s site because God considers him still married to his first wife? This is what we believe at this ministry. Here’s briefly what the word says:

      And he [Jesus] said to them, “Whoever divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery against her, and if she divorces her husband and marries another, she commits adultery (Mark 10:11-12).

      We’ve done an entire indept study on this matter and came to this conclusion, you can read it here. The church is very ignorant on this matter.

      So if you’re married to someone who was previously divorced, you’re committing adultery. You should repent and divorce your spouse. If you have no prior marriages yourself, you’re free to remarry. Why? Because your spouse already belonged to someone else—they were never yours to begin with!

      I say all that to say that you can’t salvage something that wasn’t yours to begin with. You got married in ignorance to someone who was already married, and from the reading of your comment and the attitude of this pastor, he’s already close to committing adultery with this current woman now. Your best move is to walk away from this entire situation. And don’t think that you’re letting this woman win, she’s already lost and by staying in this relationship, you could be lost too.

      I understand completely how hard would be to leave especially with children involved, but this is the truth and the only course of action. Even if there wasn’t a woman trying to destroy your marriage, you’d have to depart. But I believe this is happening to you as a result of the spirit of adultery already in operation with this pastor from his previous marriage.

      The good news is, you can walk away, heal, let this jezebel have this man, and start a fresh in Christ Jesus and you could get someone who’s never been married either.

      But at this point, it’s about pleasing God and obeying his word for the salvation of your soul; or would you rather go after a man that was never your own to begin with, continuing in adultery with him while contending with a jezebel spirit with another woman which all leads to eternal damnation.

      It’s your choice. My advice: let this jezebel woman have him. You belong with Jesus.

      Your focus should be on pleasing God and getting your soul right him. If it’s his will, he’ll bring a better man along (if you had no prior marriages). I encourage you to read my article on the subject of divorce and remarriage linked above for better clarification on this subject.

      God bless.

  4. I would like to know the difference between good works and good fruits from the article –

    “Detect it by looking at the fruit rather than doctrine and good works”

    Isn’t a good work a good fruit …. and also what do you mean by “Doctrine” in that same statement…. I’m confused…

    I dealt with a spirit of Jezebel in my life and after I was confused, depressed and drained but at the same time she was somehow good to me and she was my accomplices in many things so that made it difficult for me to detach myself from her … I wanted to save her and I prayed and fasted for her not once but a lot of times and I also preached and gave her consequences of her actions but still she didn’t change… she even said I am wasting my time talking… meanwhile shes not a naïve person but has been through hardship before but she still nothing I did worked and it wasted my time too. The only positive thing i gained from her in the end was a lesson.

    1. One strange thing about her too is that one day I confronted her, put fear into her , spoke boldly and I told her I wanted to help her and that she should tell me whatever is worrying her coz I know something is wrong with her and we would fight it together (she became scared then)then all of a sudden she took my hand and put my her palm into mine for a few seconds then after she confidently ignored me afterwards… I asked her why she did that and I used to ask her coz I am a very inquisitive person and she never answered me until 2years after she told me when she put her palm in your palm she can tell what’s going to happen in your life, she said its a gift from God and also a week before she told me that I was with her one afternoon(4:30 to 5pm) and we saw a firefly and she someone was going to die , truly three days after her nephew died …. she tells me its a gift from God but meanwhile her fruits are evil even though she is good to me sometimes but since I associated with her I have changed, my peace is gone , I see God differently now, I am no longer sympathetic as I used to be, I’m depressed and I feel useless .

      1. Nana, Satan can also prophecy, it’s called divination. Let this woman go, she’s not of God. You just said it, “my peace is gone , I see God differently now, I am no longer sympathetic as I used to be, I’m depressed and I feel useless.” This is the spirit of Jezebel working on your soul. Leave this person alone, you can’t save them or fix them. Only Christ can. Release that woman to God and reconnect with him to regain your peace and love you once had.

    2. Nana, when I said, “Detect it by looking at the fruit rather than doctrine and good works…” Good works refer to feeding the poor, helping out at church and doing nice things, etc. It’s better to judge (or detect) people by their fruit (as Jesus said) which is moral character. Look for their love, respect, honesty, patience, freedom. If you find disrespect, pride, arrogance, lies, impatience, and control mixed in, you have a problem. Visit what is true love for more and Agents of Satan for direction.

  5. Thank you very much for your feedback… I am very enlightened…. I thought good work was the same as good fruits, I can now see a whole lot of agents in my life … its now time for me to sit upright and follow the narrow path to heaven… U are a true man of God …. I feel at home and at ease anytime I visit your website and read your articles… This is my new home now