Jezebel was a witch, and her spirit of witchcraft and treachery are still in operation in world today. It will take a Jehu and the cooperation of the injured victims (spiritual eunuchs) to kill her again.

This is an article written by Christopher Wilbur a Facebook connect of mine. I thought the information about the Jezebel spirit was spot on, and so with his permission, I re-posted here for all of you to read—be informed.

In the bible, Jezebel was a powerful, wicked queen, and wife of a passive king called Ahab. She was a false prophetess who worshiped the false god, Baal. Baal was the god of prosperity, god of the harvests, god of fertility and sex (does this sound like some of the modern day gospels that some people preach?). She was killed by several eunuchs at the order of commander Jehu. Jezebel was a witch, and her spirit of witchcraft is still in operation today in the church, and in the world. It will take both a Jehu and the cooperation of the injured victims (spiritual eunuchs) to kill her again.

The Jezebel spirit is sociopathic. Behaviors you might see (3 or more):

  1. They gain power by destroying others. It is like an adrenalin rush when they “win” over someone. They manage to get in positions of authority, and are difficult to displace, once there.
  2. They are controlling, manipulative, bossy.
  3. They can either be war-like in their personalities, so that they are intimidating, or so “sweet,” “perfect,” deceitful, “timid” and sneaky, they are able to fool and recruit others to join them. Sometimes they can be very charming and charismatic.
  4. Critical of others, vicious to the point of bloodthristy.
  5. They are never wrong.
  6. They recruit others in their charges against their victims. They act to persuade recruits, and do not give up this activity until the recruits are won over. If the potential recruits do not cooperate and buy into things, this angers them.
  7. They are narcissic. While they can tend to be oversensitive themselves, they have no concern for the feelings of others. They are not sympathetic to their victims, and tend to play the role of victim themselves, in order to gain sympathy. This way the real victim is left stranded, and opposed by others if they ask for help. Being the center of attention really pleases them.
  8. They lie, and they believe their own lie. Avoiding the truth, or intentionally acting to withhold truth is part of this. false picture is presented to others.
  9. Impulsive, failure to plan ahead. chaotic at times.
  10. Lack of remorse after hurting someone. they justify the harm.
  11. Consistent irresponsibility.
  12. Irritability, aggressiveness (open , or subtle), can be quick tempered.
  13. Failure to conform to social norms. person is an “outlier” or non-conformist. has their own ways.
  14. Psychological counseling will not help, since they deny what they are.
  15. Claims to religious sentiments, but very superficial in devotion. Born-again status is debatable, and unlikely, but would have to be evaluated on an individual basis.
  16. Usually women, but can be men. The women tend to control their men with sex. And they pick passive men (Ahabs) so they can dominate them.
  17. Usually married. If single, could be lesbian, homosexual man, or promiscuous man.
  18. They falsely accuse you, and they do NOT forgive you …..

How to break this spirit:

Since these individuals usually have achieved some level of authority, only someone who outranks them, or a group effort will work. If you are a woman, you need to be strong and put your confidence in the Lord. If you are a man, you need to be the same, and also not be influenced by threats or tears out of a woman. You also need to have enough male hormone to stand up to her. Also, if you are a man, and this is your wife, be sure the men in your support group can be trusted with her.

  1. Be sure you are not enabling this person; ie. you are not an “Ahab”
  2. Gather facts about the person’s activity and behavior, be able to prove it. you have to start by addressing real behavior, you cannot start by telling someone “they have a spirit.” Be prepared to question the person why they behave that way. Make a list of wrongs. Be prepared.
  3. Gather witnesses, who are also sincere believers (if in a church setting), or other credible authority figures, because the person will attack back, and deny everything. The aggressive types will use their authority to abuse, criticize, & threaten you, and try to have you discredited, or removed. The more sneaky types go into “victimhood” mode, immediately trying to solicit and recruit support, and make you look like you are the abusive one.
  4. Isolate the person. make sure their own recruits (buddies) are not around. It gets its power from others….so if you get it alone, it is more vulnerable, and more easily defeated. You have to remove the source of its power and “gang up” on it.
  5. Confront the person with the facts. – expect denial. They will lie through their teeth!!
  6. Reject the person’s behavior based on the facts.Tell the person they will not be accepted back into the group unless they repent.
  7. If the person repents – showing willingness to change- then
    1. a. Church setting – as a group, bind and cast out the demonic spirit in Jesus name, and persist until it is gone. Expect high resistance, since it is a controlling (witch) spirit. There will be screaming and yelling before it is cast out. It will try to attack you and call you names. Also, expect and ignore plays of “victim hood” during deliverance. Sometimes the spirit cycles between being the attacker, and being a victim. This is to confuse you, so do not give in.
    2. b. secular setting – document records, give warning that future behavior will be monitored. This is because their basic nature has not changed yet, and an eventual repeat of behavior will occur. If it does, the person needs to be fired.
  8. Once the spirit is gone, the person needs support and counseling to examine how the spirit entered to begin with, so they can close the door on further attempts by the spirit to enter.
  9. If the person does NOT repent, then cut off ties with the person, telling them forgiveness and deliverance is available to them. If you do not cut off ties, they will worry you to death and destroy your peace.
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This ministry is no longer in service. I left the Christian faith and no longer agree with some of the content posted here. However, this website will remain available for archive purposes. Read the details in my last post.


  1. What do you do when your mother has a very strong jezebel spirt and other family members support it

    1. Reta. I’ve had the same experience with family. First, pray and ask God how to proceed with confronting the spirit and the ungodly behavior. Pray that God’s power be at work in the mist of the situation.

      Take authority over the spirit in Jesus’ name. But understand that you cannot cast out a spirit that someone doesn’t want to get rid of.

      If your family claims to be Christians, then the spirit and the behavior needs to be exposed for what it is. Talk about the sinful behavior and make known that it has to be acknowledged as such and that it has to stop or else you will no longer be in fellowship. Jezebel will get very ugly for you exposing her and can turn the entire family against you. But be strong. Don’t let emotions and attachment keep you yolked with anyone who doesn’t want to be free from this evil spirit. In some cases you may end up alone. If the person with Jezebel doesn’t accept it, or the people being controlled dont’ accepted it, the blood is on their hands.

      1. I Neal.
        I have seen these symptoms in myself. How do I get delivered and set free. When I look down my family lineage its something I have inherited. Truth is it us destroying and my family. I submit to my husband only sometimes. I need help. Am tired.

        1. Hi Sandy,
          The fact that you see this in yourself, and admit it, means you’re one step away towards freedom and recovery. 1 John 1:9 says, “If you confess your sins, he’s faithful and just to forgive you and to cleanse you of all unrighteousness.” The first step is to agree with God that your behavior has been wrong and learn what is the right behavior. I would also apologize to anyone else you’ve sinned against.

          Having some of these traits in you doesn’t always mean you have a demon, but if you strongly feel that you do, I would take the authority God has given you (Luke 10:19) and command the spirit to depart. All that is required is faith, so just tell it to “go, in the name of Jesus,” and it will have to.

          After that, allow God to lead you to scriptures that pertain to being a godly submissive wife and meditate on them; and God’s power will do the rest. If you trust in the Lord for change in your life, he will change you. It’s his will that you be the submissive, loving wife you want to be. He will help you to be that if you rely on him to do it.

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        2. @Sandy

          I understand Sandy what you are going through, unfortunately this sin goes farther back than the generations in your family. The root of all women’s sin comes from when Eve rebelled against her husband and God by eating the fruit she was told not to eat. Not only was she in rebellion but she also was the only one deceived (Read Genesis 3 for further study).

          You first have to understand that when “we” rebelled it took us out of the authority of God and put us under the authority of the devil. For the scriptures say you are a slave to whoever you submit to (Romans 6:16). So the first thing you have to do is go back under God’s authority. For God is a God of order and He works according to His word (1 Corinthians 11:3, also read more about God’s Order Here). Submitting to God is acknowledging your sins before Him in honesty (He already knows your heart, so be open with Him). I only suggest you do this when you are ready because it means you are turning from your ways and following Christ’s way (Matt. 16:24). Meaning you are ready to trust and submit to God’s authority and willing to not to look at your husband’s faults, but really examine your own.

          After repenting you need to give the Lord all your burdens you’ve been carrying (worries, fears, doubts, frustrations, etc.) and take His burdens, which is very light (Matt. 11:29). Think before you act out and give it to God, He will take it and give you peace – do this daily (Philippians 4:6-7). Women do not realize they are “working” too much, putting their minds and bodies in over drive (Hebrews 4:10). God created the woman for man, he never attended for the women to take on both roles (1 Corinthians 11:9).

          When coming under submission to God’s authority the enemy will still come around and try to tempt you to get you to “work” in your old ways again. Resist him and He will flee (James 4:7). For the word says if anyone desires to live righteously they will be persecuted (2 Timothy 3:12). Don’t get frustrated if you do mess up again, give it to the Lord, and He will sustain you (Psalm 55:22).

          After you resisted the devil, the next verse in James says, “draw near to God and He will draw near to you”(James 4:8). When you draw near to God this means you are coming to Him with a pure heart and are ready to learn from Him(Matt 11:28-29). Ask Him to renew your mind (Romans 12:2) regarding His will in submission and allow the Holy Spirit to teach you in His word (John 14:26). Ask Him for the old paths (Jeremiah 6:16). These are the paths the women of old took like Sarah, in the bible (1 Peter 3:6). In order for you to walk in the ways of these women you have to read God’s word daily and most importantly believe (Hebrews 11:6) that He will work in you to be a submissive wife like the women of old. Once you believe He will do it, start applying your faith by submitting to your husband. As you keep doing this it will, come naturally for you to submit. But most importantly remember it is God working in you to accomplish this, without Him you can do nothing (John 15:5). Always remain in His word and believe in Him (Read John 15). Then, the last thing I would say is to cut off all ties you have with women who are not submitted to their husbands and women who are in opposition against God’s ways (2 Corinthians 6:14). Believe me, just by doing this you will have more peace in your life. As the scripture says, “… bad company corrupts good character” (1 Corinthians 15:33).

          Unfortunately, many women today and generations before us have not known His path of peace (Isaiah 59:8) , but God is gracious and will always make known His will to anyone willing to listen and obey. My desire has always been to walk in the path of old, like Sarah, and little by little the Lord has been showing me. So I hope this will help you in some way.

  2. @Neal and Nee

    I thank you and I thank God for you. I
    have come to the end of myself and I Know GOD is a Father, His anger is just but for a moment. I believe He will perfect me as His daughter and a wife to my husband. So much has gone so wrong and I do not know how to fix it. At first I was covering my symptoms and it did not take long before I got exposed. I can not change my past but please help me to stop causing more damage into my life and my family.

    As a child I was taught to physically fight, I used to be beaten harshly by my late mom, that is how she herself was raised. I began beating my own son but have been given grace to stop correcting him that way. I reached a point were I clapped my husband and I scratched him so badly three times already. As a child I witnessed my mom being beaten by my dad and my step dad. I have lost all hope because I think I’ve improved and there it heats me hard and I fall.

    Sometimes when I get angry I do nt know what takes over me but I lose control. I have been sincerely trying now I have given up yet inside me I believe it is possible for God to uproot the root cause of my failure. I got a dream early this year Isaiah 14:3.

    May you please intercede for me.

    Thank You

    1. Sandy, we will keep praying for you. Please let us know of any progress as well. You can post here or contact via email on the contact page.

  3. Hello Neal

    I am very greatful and feel a sense of relief within me. I will let you know and I have faith that God is at work. It was no conqusindence nor mistake that I found your website.

    I thank God for you and thank you.

  4. Hi Neal
    Thank you for your prayers. I thank God above all. I see progress in my life. Our ministry declared a ten days fast of prayer and repentance. I part took and during that time so much has and is being exposed to me. I feel great desire to keep peace and to steadfast in prayer. I greatly enjoy and amazed by what and whom am slowly becoming.
    Thank you for standing with me in prayer.
    May you please continue with me in prayer. I will keep updating you.
    May The Lord God keep you and favour you.

    Thank you

  5. Hi Neal

    Thank you for your prayers. I have been delivered by God’s grace from the spirit of violence, anger and I have been experiencing peace within myself and with others.

    Am still in prayer thanking God because of this phenomenal breakthrough in my life. I have been restored and am so grateful to God and to his servants.

    May God increase you Neal and all that is concerning you.
    Thank you.


  6. Thankyou for this encouragement. I would like to ask for prayer that God continues to lead me in a path like that of Sarah. Never thought of it that way. I’m 20 and walking through life with Jesus. I need prayer for discernment. Praise Jesus for all that he does. He is trustworthy and always humbles, He heals and saves.

  7. What if both myself and my boyfriend have these traits?
    I see a few that are in me , however has most of them.
    We have awful fights, physical and verbal.
    Can we be helped as a couple or should we part ways?
    I can’t keep living like this I feel as if I’m not myself!!!

    1. Nancy, you can always be helped as long as you want it; and it sounds like you do. God is in the business of cleaning up souls. Confess your sins to him, and ask him for his power to overcome this behavior. Command that spirit of Jezebel to leave you in the mighty name of Jesus; and it has to go. Your boyfriend must also be willing to change through the power of God as well. But if he’s not willing to do so, then you should part ways because he would only hinder your deliverance and growth.

  8. Reading these posts has been extremely encouraging to me, for I was raised up in a manipulative home with my mother and sisters. I see that this controlling spirit destroyed our family relationships for many years. I know God is able to do exceedingly, and aboundantly of all we can ever ask or think according to His riches and Glory. Amen! Thank you all for sharing and my God fix everything that is broken!

  9. Actually I also encounter such a Jezebel spirit in the church. its a bit terrifying as no one in the church believed that. as only I saw her true nature. Her charms led even pastors into deception
    Perhaps she picked me to be with , its because i m quite passive…. knowing this now i stay away from her….

  10. My own family have use evil behavior against others and I don’t trust them third capable of hurting people I have however move away with my kid so then “why are they using sin to get to me with spiritual demons smear by evil pest amiss need prayer